Monday, June 09, 2008

Runnin' on Dub Deuces

I finally rocked & ran my 5K for the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center this past Sunday. The weather conditions were fantastic. It was sunny, in the mid-80s and breezy because the course was right along the Hudson River.

I was somewhat shaky at the start because of the giant swarm of runners getting in the way of one another. I was also very unsure of my pace. I had been practicing on a treadmill and a track, so I had no way of knowing whether I was running at the right speed. Luckily, the Lord sent an angel to guide me.

I was running at a terrible pace for the first 500 meters. I kept changing my speed—I couldn’t decide if I was going too fast or too slow, and I felt a stomach cramp creeping up on me. But then this amazing girl in a purple tank top and hot pants stormed right by me. She looked like she was running at the pace I wanted, and she was wearing official running gear…she also happened to have a magnificent booty and legs. I decided she’d be a great pacer.

I ended up really pushing myself because of her. She started pulling away after 2500 meters, but I never let her go more than 50 meters ahead of me. When I was about 1000 meters from the finish, I had enough left in me for a great last kick. I was able really pick up the pace to pass her and finish the race in 22:22.

Overall, the race was a success. Being true to my Asian roots, I overachieved. I destroyed my goal of a 24 minute 5K, and I also surpassed my $500 fundraising target. It was a fun and exciting event. I definitely recommend that everyone participate in at least one road race. It’s a fantastic experience. In any case, thanks again to everyone for the support!

(On another note—if you turn off SafeSearch, you'll be absolutely amazed by how much porn shows up when you perform a Google image search for "asian runner." It easily returned more porn than my image search for "hot pants." It was strangely surprising.)

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