Friday, June 27, 2008

Holla Back Wodie

According to the Wall Street Journal, Chinese South Africans are being reclassified as “black.”

This should be an enormous boost to the Asian community, which has been suffering ever since Sam’s Club put a ceiling on rice purchases. The most affected demographic groups appear to be teens through young adults, who should finally feel vindicated for all those years of speaking and pretending like they were black.

Another big winner is the black community, which has been reeling ever since Status Quo ignominiously got served by JabbaWockeeZ on the last season of America’s Best Dance Crew. With this reclassification, there’s no need to argue about whether Asians or blacks are the best dancers—everyone wins. (Except white people. If there is one thing we agreed upon before the reclassification, it's that white folks can't dance.)

(Shoutout to the Asian Sensation for alerting me to the story. And just in case you were wondering, I have some Chinese in me. Holla!)


  1. Just what we need, a super-minority. For my clarity, are these Chinese people who moved to Africa or the other way around? One of those sounds like a pretty stupid plan.

  2. JabbaWockeeZ killed Status Quo...and rightfully so. I was hoping for a JabbaWockeeZ vs Kabba Modern dance off for the finale...

    Asian Invasion baby!

  3. Admittedly I was all about Kaba Modern in the beginning of the season, pretty much all the way up until the end. I didn't think SQ was better than them, but definitely more entertaining byt the end of the season. Kaba showed you need at least a black guy or two in your crew because they seemed to have limited versatility. JabbaWockeeZ all day every day.

  4. My cousin is in JabbaWockeez