Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Dirty Egg Roll

The continuing Asia-fication of The Dirty Burrito took big steps yesterday. I wore my Feiyue wushu shoes for the first time. For those of you not well-versed in Eastern culture, they are kung fu shoes. They were first developed in Shanghai in the 1920s and are popular (apparently the #1 choice) among Shaolin monks and masters. I just thought they looked cool, and it didn’t hurt that they only cost $15.

Coincidentally, my dragon boat paddle and paddle bag were delivered to me at work today, so I got to walk home in my kung fu shoes carrying this black paddle bag (with Chinese characters on the strap) across my back. And that’s not all. I also had my man bag and a Trader Joe’s grocery bag.

I did get a few curious looks, but I wasn’t surprised. If you saw what appeared to be a Mexican wearing pristine, white Jack Purcell knockoffs carrying not only a black Asian case that looked like it may potentially hold a sword, but a Trader Joe’s grocery bag and a man bag, I’d be pretty confused too.

In any case, I did feel pretty powerful with the paddle bag. Actually, I was just pretending-slash-WISHING it was a sword. I bet it would be awesome to carry a sword with you at all times, just like the samurai. I wonder if I can train and get licensed for that in The Americas. People can get licensed to carry guns, why not swords? (They let Tom Cruise use one!!!) My weapon would be in plain view—it’s not like I could conceal a samurai sword. Plus, I’d only use the sword to protect my fellow (East) villagers in the face of danger.


  1. my roommate has a sword. it's in the corner of our apartment. no idea why she has it - perhaps to fend off overzealous clients?

  2. Is there a picture of said outfit that we can enjoy? Perhaps a new profile picture is in order.

    Don't disappoint you loyal readers.

  3. Where can i get some of these shoes

  4. I am so proud to have played a major part in this blog entry...kudos to me