Monday, May 05, 2008

Sideshow Adam & Friends

"A Long December" just played on my iPod. If you'll recall, this is the super depressing music video that featured Courteney Cox. Each time I hear this song, I always wonder how the hell Adam Duritz dated Courteney Cox AND Jennifer Aniston right around the time when Friends was at its peak. I like Counting Crows as much as the next person, but what he pulled of is amazing.

Yes-he is a rock star. I understand that is hot. Trust me, I'd love to be one. However, the man looks like Sideshow Bob and he dated the two most attractive women on one of the most popular sitcoms on television. And those two women are best friends in real life. He managed to get them to break the "I won't date my best friend's ex" rule.

I want to say that Adam Duritz is a genius or a conquerer of women, but I can't look at him and seriously come to that conclusion. Only if I ever meet him will I ever truly be able to determine his prowess with women.

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