Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Kevin Durant Doesn't Want to Not Do Nothing

From Percy Allen of the Seattle Times via TrueHoop: "When their rookie season ends, Kevin Durant and Jeff Green are going back to school. ... Durant is guaranteed at least $8.5 million from his rookie contract, and he signed a $60 million deal with Nike. But the 19-year-old said he, too, is planning for life after basketball. 'Even though I love the game, I can't play forever and you can't do nothing without the degree,' he said. 'So I got to get it sooner or later. It's going to take awhile, but I'd rather it take awhile than not having one.'

I’m proud of Kevin Durant. After he gets that degree, he won’t be able to not do nothing. Plus, I’m sure he's looking to recapture some of the great campus experiences he had with the fine, young students at Texas. Just remember the following equation: Chasey Lain + Jill Kelly + Jesus Shuttlesworth = Kevin Durant returning to school to hook some horns.

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