Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Justin Bobby Saves The Day

I understand The Hills is scripted reality. I can accept that the show probably has deals with Teen Vogue, Bolthouse Productions and Kelly Cutrone, so that Lauren, Whitney and Heidi can at least appear to work like real people. I can even accept the Paris episode where:

• The night before the big event, Lauren wore her super-expensive dress to a club, where there is smoke and a huge potential for spilled-beverage stains, and she managed to keep the dress stain-free until she "accidentally burned it with her hair straightener, but luckily was able to sweet talk the designer to lend her another super-expensive dress

• Lauren and that dude from the band were supposedly hitting it off, even though neither of them seemed to be that into it (And just in case you weren't aware, French guys always take cute American girls on late-night Vespa tours of Paris—ALWAYS)

I can accept that all the girls are probably forced to go to the same club each night so their can be drama. What I can no longer accept is when 99.5% of the depicted conversation is comprised of voice-over.

I couldn't even see their mouths moving most of the time. This is crap.

I almost stopped watching after the bar scene, but the prospect of seeing more Justin Bobby kept me tuned in. He did clean up a bit—he got rid of his hoodie, tied his hair in what I suspect to be a Eurotrash ponytail and got a nice hat. And his facial expressions still remain priceless. That guy is amazing.

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