Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Getting Serviced

I just got a call from Dell. I purchased a laptop from them three years ago. Apparently, I had some kind of mail-in service guarantee that expires today, so they tried to sell me on a new service program that costs like $170 for the next year.

I declined with the reasoning that their service probably sucks and will probably have all kinds of hidden fees. Also, I've had this laptop for three years. I think that's a solid performance period, so if it goes haywire (always wanted to use that word), I'll just get a new one.

Her response was that Dells actually last five years, and wouldn't I rather spend $170 for service to keep the computer running rather than spend $1500 for a new computer. Well in my head, I'm thinking, "If they last five years, why are you trying to sell me some service that expires after my third year? Shouldn't your service program last the entire five years that you say the computer is supposed to perform well?"

And also, I'm not spending $1500 on a new laptop. I don't do anything revolutionary with it. All I need is WordPerfect, Minesweeper and a graphic arts program that allows me to create awesome, pixilated banners for birthday parties. Unless the laptop can magically access an imaginary worldwide network of communication and information, where I'll be able to instantly "talk" to my friends, get 24/7 news and view copious amounts of pornography, then I'm not paying over $1000 for it.

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