Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Flint Skinny

Just a reminder to go see Remember the Daze this weekend. I'm going by myself, so let me know if you're in NY and want to join. Also, I need friends...

Whether you want to accompany me, The Flint Skinny has a message for those of you who don't support the movie:

"The Flint Skinny is much more aggressive than The Dirty Burrito, though I do admire your efforts. If you live in NY, DC, or LA (pretty much any city initialized) and you don't go see 'Remember the Daze,' The Skinny will track you down and not only crush your hopes and dreams, but your bones as well. Trust me, this mysterious 'Blogosphere' has infinite knowledge, and you will be found. Don't think you can skirt the issue either because The Skinny will be checkin' ticket stubs."

Keep your hopes and dreams alive. See the film.

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