Thursday, April 10, 2008

Andrew Shue Unathletic; Elisabeth Shue Attractive

A friend and former roommate of The Dirty Burrito, Christopher Shand, is doing double duty as an actor and post-production producer on the film Remember the Daze, which is in limited release this weekend. I think all of you should support him and see it.

And why should you see it? Because Christopher Shand is in it. He got billing over the actress who plays the title character, Dermot Mulroney AND the Shue siblings. Check it on IMDb.

You may be saying, “That ain’t shit.” Well, that is somewhat true. Getting billing over the actress who plays the title character, whose name isn’t worth mentioning, and Dermot Mulroney could be considered minor accomplishments—barely. However, getting billing over the Shue siblings is ridiculous.

Andrew Shue was a star of Melrose Place, and he tried out for the LA Galaxy. Unfortunately, he sucked and didn’t make the team. Stupid actor thinks he can do everything. And Elisabeth Shue will always have a special place in my heart—Ali from The Karate Kid and the hooker from Leaving Las Vegas. Getting billing over the most fearsome brother-sister combo since Donny and Marie is no small accomplishment.

And if that’s still not enough reason for you to go see it, there are a bunch of young stars in it. Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl), Amber Heard (supposedly coming out with a bunch of movies this year, including Pineapple Express) and Alexa Vega (annoying girl from tween movies released earlier this decade, but could be hot now).

Again, please support the movie and help keep it in the theatres.


  1. The Flint Skinny is much more aggressive than The Dirty Burrito, though I do admire your efforts. If you live in NY, DC, or LA(pretty much any city initialized) and you don't go see 'Remember the Daze,' The Skinny will track you down and not only crush your hopes and dreams, but your bones as well. Trust me, this mysterious 'Blogosphere' has infinite knowledge, and you will be found. Don't think you can skirt the issue either because The Skinny will be checkin' ticket stubs.

  2. Your old roommate is an actor? Why did I know that...