Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Partridge Twins

What Would Tyler Durden Do somehow got exclusive access to these pics of Audrina (They are SFW. They become NSFW once you click on the individual pictures. And yes, I did view the NSFW versions at work this morning. I don't think IT is sending around its secret police to crackdown any time soon.) from The Hills. I was not expecting these at all. Pretty ridiculous.

I suppose we should be eagerly anticipating a move from Team Spencer-Heidi. In order to return to the forefront of the gossip world, I have no doubt they'll try something completely asinine in order to one-up Audrina. Perhaps this will be the moment a sex tape surfaces. They've already filmed a music video, which looks like a cross between a cheap Skinemax flick and a karaoke video, so a sex tape shouldn't be that far of a reach.

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