Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hilary Sweeps Chad's Leg

Though I respected her acting abilities in critically-acclaimed movies like The Next Karate Kid and Million Dollar Baby, I never found Hilary Swank that attractive—until I saw these pictures.

My first thought was, “How the hell did Chad Lowe manage to bag her?” After seeing the lingerie shoot, I can only guess that she mistook him for Rob Lowe. (Side note: Can someone give an update on the underage girl from Rob's sex tape? She should be about 36-years-old by now. She was a major player in one of the first celebrity sex tape scandals. Does she still talk about it with her friends? Did she end up being a stripper? I would certainly like to find out.)

Poor Chad Lowe. It always sucks when your ex becomes ten times hotter after she leaves you.

And just because the phrase "karate kid" was mentioned:

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  1. "I really like your car, Mrs. Larusso!"