Sunday, March 02, 2008

Beefsteak: The Aftermath

It took me a couple days, but I’ve finally recovered from the beefsteak. I arrived late because I scored a last-minute interview. The eating officially began at 7pm, but I arrived shortly after 8pm. The chef brought salad, olives, pickles and fries to complement the beef, which was cooked in butter and served as pictured in this post. Everyone had already finished eating and was getting ready for the ice cream dessert by the time I sat down.

I felt enormous pressure to eat my beef quickly. I felt like I was the last person in an auditorium during a final exam. I always got very nervous and anxious when I saw everyone around me completing the test much faster than me. I knew I wasn’t under any time constraints, but I decided I’d eat fast but with caution.

Another source of pressure was finding out my roommate had eaten thirty-three slices of beef. I knew I wasn’t going to achieve thirty-three slices because I’d be quasi-speed eating.

I went through a few different stages of reactions toward the flavor. The first ten slices tasted fantastic, and I thought I could kill this contest; however, I started to hit a wall somewhere in the early teens where the beef tasted good, but I realized I could stop and be content. I wanted to get close to thirty-three, so I pushed forward. Around slice seventeen, the beef didn’t really start to taste like anything. At slice nineteen, I was becoming grossed out but decided I’d get to twenty just so I could hit a nice round number. The twentieth slice made me gag slightly, but I forced it down.

At that point, my other roommate, who ate twenty-one slices, made fun of me for being the weakest eater in our apartment. He tried getting me to eat one more piece. I refused and backed away from the table with my beer. After stepping away for two minutes, I said “Fuck it. I’ll just do it.” And I ate the twenty-first slice. It took a good thirty seconds for me to chew and force it down. Not a great experience.

I didn’t eat the most or the least amount of beef, but I ate the fastest. I ate my twenty-one pieces in a little under thirty minutes. It was the most efficient performance of the night. My head was pounding, and I had a little difficulty breathing. I imagine it was due to all of the cholesterol and fat from the beef and butter.

After the meal, I didn’t think I’d want to eat steak for at least six months, but the next day I was actually craving more of it. Next month, I hope I arrive on time so I can see how perform over a longer period.

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