Thursday, February 14, 2008

HGOC Sexifies NYC...and Gets The Dirty Burrito Drunk

Last week, Northwestern University’s inaugural Hottest Guy on Campus came to NYC for a legal technology conference. What was supposed to be a boring business trip with lawyers and tech geeks quickly turned into an orgy of booze.

A week of drinking included partying with a 25-year-old Swedish anthropologist who went home with a not-so-attractive cougar, sake bombing & karaoke (one can never go wrong with Billy Ocean & Soft Cell), warning my roommate not to go home with a girl with herpes, drunkenly proposing to my girlfriend—who was standing about 50 feet away—at a shady Irish pub as I was on the verge of passing out, single-handedly eating 75% of a dulce de leche fondue and blackouts galore. (And I’m talking college-style blackouts, the kind I would experience every Thursday and Saturday night, and sometimes on Wednesday night, at The Blackout Mecca—Rick’s.)

You can check out all the debauchery at my photo site, but the best picture is the one above that is posted on PM Buzz. HGOC is so hot that he managed to get The Dirty Burrito on a nightlife Web site, despite the fact that I was bringing down the picture with my three-quarter sleeve, hand-me-down softball uniform. I like to think the fedora classed it up a little, but it was probably due to the HGOC effect...and The GF...and Adam, who was celebrating fashion week with a fabulous bow tie & handkerchief combination.

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  1. I love the GF's boots. Who makes them?