Friday, December 21, 2007

Random Newport Thoughts

After another episode of Greek Harbor, I can’t help but feel annoyed by Chrissy’s new friends—Billy, Allie & Kylie. They all seem like impostors and leaches. They give me the same feeling that Jen Bunney gives me on The Hills. They feel like fake friends.

I particularly don’t like Billy. My feelings about him being a complete d-bag are much stronger. He seemed to be a huge tool at that party, especially any time there was conversation of “the Lindsays.” Also, his voice always annoyed me. When I listen to Grant & Clay speak to each other, it’s like listening to Spicoli and Spicoli-lite, which, as I’ve stated before, is highly enjoyable. (Side note: I can’t believe Sean Penn ever played a character like Jeff Spicoli. He has to be one of the most serious people in the industry, yet he set the gold standard for beach bum stoner characters.) But listening to Billy is different. His accent isn’t exactly stereotypical California skater/surfer. I couldn’t really put my finger on it but after watching that super contrived picnic table conversation, I decided that it sounded more like Tim Gunn-lite. (Tim Gunn is Heidi Klum’s co-host on Project Runway.)

Allie & Kylie, Chrissy’s sorority sisters, are just blah. They’re about as exciting as the two model cars on my desk. They’re somewhat cool to look at once in awhile, but other than that, they are fairly useless.

I had to re-watch (I doubt that’s a word, but whatever) the episode on MTV Overdrive because I missed the first five minutes of the original airing. I caught a difference in soundtrack on the Web version. For the party scene, they played “Gimme More” by Britney Spears. I vividly remember the party scene opening with “It’s Britney bitch.”

When I watched Overdrive, they replaced “Gimme More” with two other random songs. I want to know why the hell they did that. I thought it was way more effective to use “Gimme More.”

The whole Chase & Kylie “relationship” story arc needs to end. Nothing about that seems genuine or even piques my interest whatsoever. If they just randomly never mentioned that storyline again, I wouldn’t even question what happened to it. Please, just end it.

The break-up scene was brutal. Chrissy was a major bitch. Her whole speech about how Clay should hang out with high school girls and she should go hang out with college guys because high school and college are so different was a total snob move.

And that speech about not being ready to move on to another relationship right away was a complete lie. She’s completely ready to move on to another relationship. That’s why she’s breaking up with Clay. Also, I’ve had that exact story pulled on me before. I totally bought it. So sad. I’m never falling for that again! (Ladies—please confirm whether this is one of those break-up lines that you use like “It’s not you, it’s me.”)

Chrissy definitely gained weight. I’m not saying she’s fat, but she’s on TV now. She definitely gained the frosh 15. Sasha, on the other hand, has just gotten better. She was on the preview for the next episode and looked fantastic. We need more Sasha and less Kylie & Allie.

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