Thursday, December 27, 2007

Clayboy, G-Bone & Lawn Reindeer

Grant is breaking new ground in reality TV quotes. In this episode alone, I laughed out loud at least five times just from hearing him speak. Some of his quotes are below.

On Billy: “He’s a douche.”

While prepping the food for the barbecue: “I called a couple younger reinforcements of Newport Harbor. We’re going to be hanging out with booty like tonight for the rest of the year.”

Getting ready to jump in the pool with the Taylor and Alex: “How about you guys get in your sexy little swimsuits? Clayboy—G-Bone needs a bathing suit.”

That pool scene had to be one of the most awkwardly hot scenes in the history of teenage reality TV. I felt like it was the start of a late night skin flick on Cinemax, except it was Clayboy & G-bone spitting crazy, mediocre game at high school juniors. It has the potential to go down as one of the most re-watched segments in MTV Overdrive history.

(Side Note: After Newport Harbor has run its course, someone at MTV needs to give Clayboy & G-Bone their own show. It would be the funniest show in the history of MTV. It could be the same idea as The Hills except they “intern” for Quicksilver or another surfing brand. I would watch that show religiously.)

Thanksgiving at the Chrissy household was ridiculous. Why wouldn’t Chase, Allie, Kylie and Sasha have dinner with their families? We know Chase & Sasha are from Newport. We found out that Allie is from San Diego. Kylie is apparently an orphan.

Also, they did the whole “Giving Thanks” ritual where they state things for which they’re thankful. I’ve written about this before and don’t believe people actually do this. I need to know whether that family actually does this each year or the producers made them do it. With someone as cheesy as Chrissy’s dad, I would totally believe they do this every year. All I know is that if I were invited somewhere for Thanksgiving and was asked to say what I’m thankful for, I may freak out because of nervousness and my opposition to this ritual.

Another thing about Chrissy’s dad is that he can’t stop asking about people’s relationships. That guy has no fear/shame. He just blatantly asked Chase and Allie about their status. When they panned to Chrissy’s face, you could see the horrified smile of embarrassment on her face.

(Side Note: Why were the holiday reindeer already out on the lawn in front of Chrissy’s house. It was only Thanksgiving! As I’ve stated before, Christmas should wait until at least after Thanksgiving. Also, my family has reindeer on our front lawn. I’ve wanted to put my own reindeer in compromising situations. Is that weird? I just thought it would be funny.)

My last thought about the third episode—Sasha was once again looking stunning and seemingly the only person who is sane, rational and doesn’t have too much drama going on for her, which sadly is the reason she’ll only get 30 seconds of airtime each episode.


  1. Carlito - A few things:

    1. My family does "give thanks" at Thanksgiving. We all sit around the table, but before we can eat everyone has to say one thing they are thankful for. I believe this year I said I was thankful that I made it to dinner. As you may remember, thanks to Sketchfest 2006, I was outta commission till 8pm the next day.

    2. In high school my friend lived across the street from this old woman we hated. She would always yell at us cause we drove down the street to fast, or didn't fully stop at the stop sign at the corner, yada, yada, yada. So Christmas comes around and she puts up some of the holiday reindeer in her yard. One night me and my pals hopped in someone's minivan, stole said reindeer, proceeded to another one of our mortal enemy's houses, and placed the reindeer in various compromising positions in her yard. A double whammy christmas prank if you will. So yes, it is weird, but I've done it before, and it was quite funny.

  2. 1) That was absolutely absurd that Chrissy's crew came to T-Giving Din
    2) How is Chase one of the main characters, is he really worthy of such attention?

  3. chrissy's well on her way to the freshman 15. allie and samantha should be kicked off the show. the person who picks the songs for these shows should be given an award.