Friday, October 26, 2007

Phone Etiquette

Do kids nowadays know how to properly answer the phone? Almost everyone has a mobile device that shows you who is calling and most people have caller ID of some sort for their landlines. I feel like there isn’t really a need for kids today to ever say “May I please ask who’s calling?” They already know who is on the other line.

I thought of this random phone etiquette question because I almost broke my display screen this morning. I was worried about what I would do if I couldn’t see who was calling, but then two facts dawned upon me:

1) I had used rotary phones at one point in my life

2) There was a time when all the phones in my house were not cordless

After those realizations, I knew I was going to be fine. Am I just a crazy old man complaining about “those kids these days,” or do I have a legitimate point?

1 comment:

  1. hey you crazy old man!
    guess what? there's hello pandas and chocolate mallows on the way to SFO. hahaha.

    damn, i wish i could go. but right now thesis is sucking the brains outta me.