Thursday, October 18, 2007

Banana Fluctuations

I always buy bananas from the fruit stand right outside of the Astor Place K-mart. The entire summer, the price was $.25 per banana.

About a month ago, the price at that stand changed to $.35 per banana or the super awesome deal of three for $1. I was outraged that they changed, so I checked the other three fruit stands within a one block proximity. They all had the same price. I refused to buy the marked-up bananas. Those are Herald Square prices!

A couple of days later, the prices in the area went back to the usual $.25. It stayed that way up until yesterday. I went to the fruit stand, grabbed two bananas and handed the guy $.50. He stared at the coins in a funny way before putting them in his fanny pack. My eyes darted to the price sign, and there it was. Bananas were back at $.35!

Today, I walked by the stand and the sign said 5 bananas for $1. What a steal! Only $.20 per banana. This is madness. I briefly considered buying a few bananas before realizing that someone would probably steal them at work.

Does anyone know why there is such fluctuation in the Astor Place banana markets?

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  1. Carlo, I love you, please stop writing about bananas.