Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Music News

Our office has randomly been hosting musicians with new CDs and/or tours for a lunchtime acoustic session. Usually, they’re upcoming artists, but once in awhile we get someone more famous.

A couple of months ago, Richie Sambora played an acoustic set. He played one or two new songs and a couple of old Bon Jovi tunes. He was pretty funny, poking fun at his age and single status.

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of listening to Hanson. Yes. That Hanson. A large crowd showed up hoping they’d play MMMBop. Unfortunately, they only played songs from their new CD. I will admit that they do sound great together; puberty did not destroy their harmony.

Overall, they were pretty nice. They brought copies of their new CD and stayed afterward to talk and sign them. Of course, I immediately jumped to grab one and got it signed by all three brothers. I was one of probably only four guys that did this. Everyone else was a female.

On another note, Lenny Kravitz is in Brazil. He isn’t in Rio though. He’s “in the mountains with parrots and monkeys and waterfalls.” He’s busy being introspective and looking inward so he can grow and be himself. I thought you might want to know what Lenny has been up to.

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