Monday, August 20, 2007

In One Ear

When I watched Double Dare as a kid, three events in the obstacle course always grossed me out: Pick It, Toe Jam and In One Ear. If you don't remember, Pick It is where you had to shove your arm into the greasy giant nose to find the flag. In Toe Jam, you had to dig through the greasy toes of a giant foot. And In One Ear was where you had to crawl into a giant greasy ear. You'll notice that in all three events, you had to crawl into or dig through something giant and greasy to find the coveted flags needed to win the big vacation, and not the British Knights consolation prize.

As much as these Double Dare events grossed me out, they were not as disgusting as the real thing. I was on the elevator today, and I had the great pleasure of mistakenly catching a glimpse of some guy's ear. Crusty ear wax was in abundance. "Crust" and "ear wax" are not words I like to use together--ever.

All I ask from my fellow man is that you keep yourself clean. Nobody wants to look at your wax-encrusted ear.

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