Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fashion Month

We get four magazine subscriptions at my apartment. I subscribe to Esquire and Details, and Roommate #1 subscribes to The New Yorker and New York Magazine. We like to keep it equal opportunity and diversified—two monthlies and two weeklies.

Four magazine subscriptions may seem like a lot, but they serve as an entertaining way to pass time when we’re sick of playing Guitar Hero, hanging with groupies and snorting coke. There’s no greater pleasure than reading a New Yorker article about the saturated market for picking matsutake mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest. (Americans don’t know how to prepare them because they tend to sauté mushrooms in butter or oil. Matsutake’s aroma is water-soluble, so it won’t infuse fat. You have to use them in soups or rice using a Japanese technique. Go Asians!)

We just received the September issues of Esquire and Details and August 27th issues of The New Yorker and New York Magazine all within the last week. For this latest round of issues, Esquire, Details and New York Magazine decided to roll out with their fashion issues. The New Yorker did not have enough room for fashion in this issue because, when given the choice between a profile of the Olsen Twins’ new adult fashion line and an essay on the quest for a global seed bank as a contingency for an apocalypse, the magazine once again opted for the more glamorous environmental article.

What’s the big deal with the fashion issues? They’re overwhelming. Esquire and Details came wrapped in plastic with extra fashion supplements, which essentially are only good for the pictures. (Stephanie Seymour in a lingerie ad for Chantelle and Elizabeth Hurley in an ad for Jordache—more on this another time—made for some fairly hot nostalgia.)

The actual magazines are bothersome to read because there are more pages devoted to ads rather than articles—or at least it seems that way. I feel that the magazine goes on forever. And to go even further, because these are the fashion issues, most of the articles are about fashion.

I do not want to read about “The Best Dressed Men in the World”, “The Best Dressed Real Men in America” or the sartorial choices of mayors across America. However, I do enjoy fashion tips on suits and how to accessorize them. One day, I will be able to afford such things.

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