Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Kid is Hot Tonight

The agency where I work recently had a short film festival. My friends decided they would enter.

The rules of the competition were simple. Your film could be no longer than seven minutes, and it had to include the concept of ink. This rule was in place to ensure that the films were new and original. It could be as simple as saying “ink” in your film or basing the whole story around ink. See if you notice it in our film.

The premise of our film was based on how the first week of work would go at the newly merged agency. It was set against the background of Loverboy’s “The Kid is Hot Tonight.”

The star of the show was my leader during my first seven months at work, showing me how to BS with clients and how to maintain your dignity at the office the day after passing out on the bar and losing your phone. He recently switched accounts and passed me on to the producer/director of the whole operation, the curly haired gentleman with glasses. He is a born leader, who really helped me find my inspiration in my short, but pivotal scene.

Though our film didn’t ultimately win any category (predictably, all the winners were films by creatives), everyone had a good laugh.

I hope you enjoy.


  1. absolutely awful. i would rather chop my legs off than watch that again.

  2. Carlo you confuse me?
    So did you graduate college or just shift locales?
    You might as well be lying on our couch watching season 2 of "24" all in one sitting.

    Damn Bum.

  3. I'm confused at this whole video...

    I guess I just don't get whats going on...

    ps. nice collar pop loser