Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jogging Journal: Two A Days

The Jogging Journal is back. I only do them for special occasions, and the Two A Days premiere is worthy. And without further ado...

10:02 Here come the opening credits! Ross always looks like the crappiest quarterback. I feel someone else should be playing. What kind of name is Dejohn? Is that French? Did kids ever make Grey Poupon jokes? I would’ve, but that’s because I’m obvious and unoriginal.

10:03 Why are girls in the opening credits? Brittany is more attractive than Kristen.

10:04 I can’t believe Hoover High just lost. Russ Propst is about to go on a rampage and tell everyone how he’s going to tell recruiters they are lazy.

10:05 Oh boy. Russ has gone soft. He’s blaming himself now? That “Sweet Home Alabama” ringtone is super cool.

10:07 Charlie reminds me of Carrot Top. You’re only as good as your weakest link, and you will never win a national championship with a sub par “comedian” on your team.

10:08 Ross is wearing an Alabama shirt. I bet he got that from his brother, John Parker. He probably visits his brother every non-football weekend and gets hammered after two beers. Remember visiting older friends at college on some weekends, and it was the coolest thing ever? You’d come back to school on Monday, talk about the sweet parties, how there were kegs (Wooooo!!! Kegger!!!), and so many hot girls (Had no game…didn’t talk to a single one). Well at least I think that’s what happened because I never visited for a party weekend. I had no older friends. I was a huge loser. And my parents would have never let me go.

10:10 I love couples that want to follow each other to school. I don’t know a single couple from high school that stayed together. In fact, I don’t think a single couple I knew still even talks to one another. Whatever. I guess you learn from your mistakes. I’m sure Brittany’s boyfriend will hook up with some random girl in his dorm, then in revenge, Brittany will hook up with some fraternity pledge she met at a mixer. I’m sure there’ll be lots of yelling and crying and a few utterances of “I’ll always love you.” It’ll be great.

10:11 Sonic, why doth thou tease me? That chili cheese dog and tots is driving me mad. I can’t wait until I go to my radio record in the morning, where I’ll eat tons of free food.

10: 14 Road Rules is back? It's about time! They were running out of RR veterans for the RW/RR Challenge.

10:15 Shane Martin, ex-football player and recently fired cheerleading coach, was arrested today for allegedly touching three members of the cheerleading squad. "He's really good with all the girls." – Brittany

10:17 There is no way in hell I’d ever let my daughter around this Yanni wannabe.

10:18 The couple who goes to every dance together—sweet! Way to be adventurous and try something new.

10:21 The Second Coming Nike commercial is one of the greatest commercials ever made. I’m extremely motivated right now.

10:25 Based on that pep talk, I believe Yanni is most likely living an alternative lifestyle.

Overall, it was a great show. I will definitely watch the remaining episodes. At the very least, it’s better than The Hills, which isn’t really saying much, but it’s something.

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