Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wedding in the Hamptons

I went to a wedding in Easthampton this weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and the reception was held at the property of the bride's uncle. It was a very classy start. When we got to the reception, I felt like I was at a Ralph Lauren photo shoot. The food was delicious, the speeches were great, and the booze was flowing. The DJ also added to the greatness because he was a real DJ, not a cheesy wedding DJ, so he played superb music. The reception started at 4 PM and went until 4 AM. Yes, it was a 12 hour reception. I'm extremely tired. This is why there is no effort or structure in this post. Drinks were flowing the whole time and everyone was dancing the night away. We thought we hit a wall at 2 AM, but then my friend and I found bottles of champagne and started passing them around. Even though there was still an abundance of hard liquor and beer, nothing lifts people's spirits like the communal passing of alcohol. It brings people together like I've never seen. The champagne treasure gave us all the extra lift to make it for a couple more hours. At about 3:15 AM, someone briefly stopped the DJ and gave a speech about how we've been partying for 11 hours and 15 minutes and how the bride and groom would remember this night forever. Unfortunately, the groom didn't actually remember. He and the bride participated in the champagne chain and also partied until 4 AM. What was their reward for hanging with their faithful wedding supporters? They got to pack in a van cab with 7 other people--1 in front, 2 in the captains chairs, 3 in the back row, and 3 in the trunk. However, being the bride and groom, we volunteered to let them have the captains chairs. I don't think the groom cared so much because I heard he doesn't even remember if he paid the DJ. In any case, everyone had a grand old time. You can check out the pictures here:


  1. Carlinho,

    I really feel that I should have a nickname on your blog now, not just be referred to as an anonymous friend.

    Deeply offended,
    The Englishman

  2. dirty englishmen shouldn't be given nicknames, but should remain anonymous.

  3. Michigan smells of wee wee