Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Big 2-3

Thanks to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday! From the messages and wall posts on the 3 stalker directories to the texts and phone calls, it was all very much appreciated.

Just in case you didn't know my age, I hit the big 2-3 on Thursday. I don't think there are any big milestones at 23. HGOC did mention on my Facebook wall that I could rent a car, but I thought that was at 25, the same age that car insurance goes down. Plus, I was able to rent a car when I moved to Minneapolis when I was only 21. Although, they did charge me an extra $50 per day for being under 25. Good thing I was able to expense it to The Corporation.

Speaking of age milestones, here is the list I came up with sometime in high school:
  • 15 - Start driver's ed
  • 16 - Get driver's license.
  • 17 - Watch movies rated R and NC-17.
  • 18 - Buy ciagrettes and porn.
  • 19 - Go to Canada and drink. (This is a popular thing to do in Southeast Michigan as we are a mere 45 minute drive to the Canadian border.)
  • 20 - You're out of your teens.
  • 21 - Pound 21 shots and hope for the best. (In my case, got obscenely wasted, woke up to vomit on my floor, and couldn't drink the rest of welcome week because my throat hurt so badly from the violent regurgitation.)
  • 22-24 - Get used to being a corporate slave or delay the inevitable and go to law school.
  • 25 - Lower your car insurace. Switch to All State. Or call Geico and save. (Personally, I'd go with All State because you can't go wrong with Dennis Haysbert, aka Cerrano, aka President Palmer.)
  • 26-29 - Watch all your friends get engaged/married and start feeling the pressure.
  • 30 & up - If I'm 30, married, have a kid, and still refer to myself as The Dirty Burrito, then I'll address the 30's as I wonder why my wife doesn't divorce a 30-year-old who still refers to himself as The Dirty Burrito. Hopefully, the answer will be that I'm obscenely wealthy, and I made her sign a prenup.
If you were wondering how I celebrated my birthday...
  • Thursday
    • Work peeps took me to Outback for lunch. Always an enjoyable group. Lots of laughs.
    • Met up with The GF around Rockefeller Center because she wanted to stalk celebrities at the MTV VMA's. Just for the record, I did not want to stalk celebrities. Anyway, I had never seen this side of her. It scared me to a certain degree. She was there for a good 2.5 hours. It made me question the relationship a bit.
    • Went for a drinks after stalking.
    • Girlfriend gave me birthday presents and a special surprise: she made me an ice cream cake! She made the cake (yellow cake-my favorite) herself and used one of my favorite ice cream flavors, Breyer's Banana Bonanza. To sum it up, she combined 2 of my favorite things in the world, baked goods and ice cream, into a delicious concoction. She can stalk celebrities at the VMA's as much she wants.
  • Friday
    • The GF took me out to dinner at Dip, a fondue restaurant at 30th & 3rd. This dinner really solidified our relationship. Thursday night, she gave me a homemade ice cream cake using my favorite cake and one of my top 10 ice cream flavors. And Friday night, she takes me to Dip, where you get bread and cheese, which I love. I was going crazy dipping the French baguette in that warm, delicious Gruyere Swiss. Then, we got the chocolate fondue. If you don't know how much I love chocolate, then we are not friends. Chocolate is high on my list of things I need to survive along with cheese & bread, doughnuts, cake, ice cream, and rice.
  • Saturday
    • I reunited with my old college roommates to play beer pong. I was very successful, going 3-0 for the night and winning 2 of the games in OT. We then proceed to go to some bars around the NYU law campus. I ended up playing Guitar Hero at the dorm of my friend, Michele. The GF wasn't with me that night, so I went to McDonald's at 3:30 AM without getting harassed about the health hazards of getting McDonald's at 3:30 AM. I ended up getting a McChicken sandwich, Snack Wrap, 4-piece Chicken McNuggets, and medium fries. It was so delicious. For some idiotic reason, I decided not to go back to my East Village slum and instead took the subway back to Queens all by myself. Amazingly, I did not get lost. It was quite an accomplishment.


  1. "peeps"- our friendship level dropped 16 percent because of your word usage.

  2. Sounds like a lovely little birthday--two things missing though: gambling in AC & Element!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Sai and I are moving to Jersey in 3 weeks. We'll hang out for sure when we get there. Hope all is well in NYC. I hate to say it, but laguna beach is not as good as before. I can't wait for the new season of the OC to start. Holla!

  4. happy belated birthday bro.....sorry i forgot to post on the other stalker medias but I've been out of town for the past 2 weeks. Anywho, I was reading the post and realized that you love food more then sex........who knew


    p.s you can't rent a car without paying a premium until you're 25