Thursday, September 07, 2006

2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted

Last night, I saw the Broadway show Jersey Boys because The GF got free tickets—normally $111.25 each. To be honest, the only reason I went was because it was free. There is no way in hell I would pay $111.25 to see a 2-hour Broadway musical. (I did, however, pay about $80 to see Avenue Q. It was very funny. You should go see it.)

Having said all that, Jersey Boys was actually a very enjoyable show. Using their arsenal of hits, the show chronicles the rise of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. I was surprised at all the classics they put out. I didn’t realize a lot of the old school hits you hear everywhere, from movies, to TV, to commercials, came from these guys.

The crowd was great as well. It was most definitely a geriatric convention, but they were really into it. Many of the people there were probably in their teens and twenties when Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons were hitting it big. They absolutely loved it. I’ve never seen anything like it. One moment, they’re standing, clapping and wanting to dance. The next moment, they’re barely able to shuffle out of the theatre.

Seeing the crowd got me thinking about whom I’d want a musical made when I’m in my 70s and 80s. If I were to pick a group from the 1980s, I’d pick Journey, Hall & Oates, or Duran Duran for their breadth of hits. If I were to choose something from the 1990s, I’d pick Biggie and Tupac and have the story center around their feud. I can just picture some West Side Story-style confrontations between the entourages of Biggie and Tupac, except they’d be rapping instead of singing as they snapped their fingers and did their Broadway moves.

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  1. you have to have Wham or anything George Michaels....

    so 80s