Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thanks A Lot Good Charlotte

"Remember when being punk meant getting a blowjob in the alley outside a $5 rock show, then walking in and getting hit with a Dixie Cup full of piss? Today it means moshing it up in the pit at Madison Square Garden while your parents hold your coat and mittens. Thanks a lot, Good Charlotte. " - Cracked.com

It's hysterical because it's true. I'm currently slummin' in the East Village, and there is no way in hell any of these punks/hipsters like Good Charlotte. I'm even afraid to venture out wearing my Ramones shirt for fear of being gang-beaten by a group of offended hipsters who were most likely there when the Ramones first played CBGB.

While we're on the subject of music, what are the chances of hearing another Dashboard song on this week's Laguna Beach? Just to key you in, they played Age Six Racer in the first season, Ghost of a Good Thing in the second season, Don't Wait in this season's premiere, and the latest episode featured a horrid female cover of Screaming Infidelities.

His whiny voice is so distinct that I think he has become the voice of the emo nation. He is so depressed.

And speaking of emo, I started listening to a bunch of old emo tunes, from such acts as The Get Up Kids and The Starting Line. I even downloaded some new songs from Dashboard's new CD and Panic! At the Disco. I think I'm going to write my own emo song soon. I just need to hit a creative zone.

My housemate from college, Colin, started his own blog on MySpace and posted something about the ultimate bar playlist. Long story short, he wanted suggestions for those 1-2 songs that you absolutely need to hear and get everyone singing. Some girl chose Your Love by The Outfield--a totally lame and obvious choice. I went for the not-so-obvious, We Built This City by Starship. I love that song, and I would love to hear at a bar.

Lastly, HGOC had this to say about Oasis on his away message: "oasis is overrated, yeah i said it. good band, nothing against them, but i wouldnt consider them in a top 10. i think most of their success is attributed to the fact people feel cooler by saying they like them cuz it makes them sound knowledgable about music. clever name too"

I was originally going to write a furious rant about he is completely wrong, but when I re-read his quote, I decided it's sadly true. I loved Oasis back in middle school. I thought What's the Story Morning Glory? was an amazing album, one of the few CDs that I've listened to all the way through. But then I remembered the let down that was Be Here Now and that POS, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, from which I can't even remember a single song. Their MTV Unplugged performance was great. I even remember listening to the local radio station to try and be the Nth caller for tickets and airfare to the taping of the Unplugged in London. I do have this unreal acoustic performance of Don't Go Away that Noel Gallagher, the lead guitarist and elder of the feuding siblings, sang. I last tried looking for it on Limewire and Kazaa a couple years ago just to see if it was out there, but I couldn't find it. The closest thing is the Unplugged performance that Noel also sings, but the version I have is great.

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