Tuesday, July 04, 2006

NYC Observations

I was picking up my dinner from the Chinese restaurant below my girlfriend’s apartment, and the streets were filled with Italians driving around, flailing out of their windows waving flags, honking their horns, and screaming for joy after their 2-0 defeat of Germany in the World Cup semis. It was a pretty cool site. Unfortunately, the Hong Kong Style Pan Fried Noodles were not cool. I had wanted to eat hot dogs, but I watched Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Watching Kobayashi spray hot dog out of his mouth as he did his patented Kobayashi Shake pretty much ended that idea.

The guys that perform on subway cars for spare change really impress me—they have the most unbelievable balance in the world. While most people are gripping the bars for dear life, the subway performer is standing freely in the middle of a car playing a guitar, playing his harmonica, and singing all while the train is rounding a curve and coming to a sudden stop that throws old men to the ground. I also really enjoy their music.

According to the three nerds waiting at the 8th Street R/W Station, the mother alien from Alien Vs. Predator looked very different from the mother alien in the Aliens movies.

I wore a Ramones T-shirt last night and was extremely scared that some East Village hipster was going to confront me about it.

I’m thinking about moving from the East Village to an apartment in Astoria because I’d be closer to my girlfriend and my current apartment has no window. I never know what time it is in the morning because I get no hint of sunlight. It is really convenient to live in Manhattan, so maybe I’ll just stay put and see if it works out.

Last night, I observed these two guys drive away a group of girls from a table. They spit some game, but the girls were having none of it. It was pretty amusing to witness the girls give the fake laughs and the “I’ll pretend like I give a damn until you buy me a drink” nods.

It costs $8 for a Jack & Coke. I’m in an entry-level position in advertising—I think I will stop drinking.

I think I might volunteer at this place that offers free kayak tours on weekend mornings. They are pretty popular, but I think volunteering will guarantee me a spot in the tours. I really like rowing, even if it’s in the Hudson River. It’ll also give me incentive not to drink the night before a morning of volunteering because I’d have to leave my apartment at about 6:45 AM to get to the pier on time.

I have yet to try a New York bagel. Apparently, they’re much better than Einstein Bros. or Bruegger’s.

Every morning, I stop at the breakfast street cart at 55th & 3rd to get a coconut donut for $.60. The coconut donut is the most delicious donut I’ve ever had. It’s even better than the peanut butter frosted donuts I used to eat at the bakery where I worked in high school. The top and the bottom of the donut are left as is, but the sides are glazed and coated with coconut flakes. Also at work, they left a box of Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins at the desk of every new hire. I had a coconut donut and Munchkins that day. Just for the record,my least favorite donuts are Krispy Kremes and jelly donuts. I think they suck, but I’ll still eat them if they’re the only donuts available. I love donuts—such tasty goodness.

It is fucking humid.


  1. I apologize if you were offended when I said that "you sucked" following a soccer game...but you really did ;>) You seem to have come out of it ok...right?

    Happy anniversary!!!


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  3. carlo....you didn't. i know you are so particular about your grammar that you even wrote a post about it once, so i'm baffled that you could possibly write in this post "it was quite a site" when you meant "it was quite a sight?" perhaps you were baiting me, wondering whether or not i read your blog anymore, and knowing i'd never hesitate to point out a grammatical error in your fine work. well, now you know: i do still read your blog. now go fix that error.