Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup Fever

I must admit that I am gripped by World Cup fever. I guess this isn’t surprising since I grew up playing futbol. Once every four years for one full month, I get to see the game played at its highest level. It’s great to see a sport that can stop countries from functioning for 90 minutes. For reasons I’ve already stated, I hope the United States wins.

I joined the ESPN Fantasy League and Germany Cup Pick’em Tournament. The display in the windows of the adidas store at the corner of Broadway and Houston is pretty sweet. They display the groups with each team represented by a custom made +F50 Tunit boot. For some reason they’re missing Tunisia and Ecuador. Perhaps the boots were lost in shipping.

Part of me wishes I could have started my new job in July instead of Monday. This way, I’d get to stay home and watch games all day. At least I have the weekends to watch games. I’ll be watching England’s opener against Paraguay this Saturday with a bunch of rowdy Englishmen. I’ll be at Central Bar, probably the only Asian guy in the bar wearing an England jersey, getting drunk and cheering with some pale, red-headed England fans at 8 AM. My friend Jimmy, who is English and invited me to this glorious event, told me to say I liked Beckham if anyone asked why I’m wearing an England jersey. I was somewhat drunk when he told me this, and I went berserk. I hate David Beckham. I’m not about to play into the stereotype that all Asians love Beckham. If anyone asks, I’ll say I’m a fan of the 6’7 giant, Peter Crouch.

By the way, I got a new job. I’ll be working in account management for an advertising/direct marketing agency. I’m not yet sure what I will nickname the company. I start Monday and once I get a feel for the work and the office environment, I’ll come up with something edgy, amusing, or none of the above. Since I am now employed, don’t expect mid-day updates. I’ll have to work out a new update schedule.

In regards to yesterday’s post, a few people seem to think that The HGOC was wasted when he had his Michael Jackson epiphany. If you are one of these people, then you are mistaken. I received the message at approximately 6:30 PM. I’m fairly certain he was driving, working out, or working for his dad because these are the only times I’ve ever heard him listen to the radio. He also sounded completely sober. There you have it—a sober, drug-free epiphany.

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