Sunday, June 18, 2006

World Cup Commentary

I finished watching the morning game between Japan and Croatia, and I flipped to Univision because I didn't want to listen to Brent Musberger talk about how the US still has life in the World Cup. (I hope Ghana destroy them, and I believe this will happen if Ghana play like they did against the Czech Republic.) Univision is a truly brilliant channel. The Sunday morning show was airing, and the set was plastered with hot Latin women in tight pants or skirts and tight Brazilian jerseys or tight Brazil-colored tops. I don't know what they were talking about, but they were definitely dancing the whole time while sambas played in the background. The only person not dancing was the sole male host who was wearing a suit. He still seemed pretty happy though. Now that is a sweet job.

We really need to adopt something like this in the US. I don't think we should stop at Sunday mornings. They have this type of stuff all week on Univision. I know if Today or Good Morning America tried this formula, it would probably destroy ratings (Does CBS even have a morning show? If so, what is it?), but ESPN2's Cold Pizza should jump on this idea. It's not like their ratings are that sweet anyway. The primary audience is male. It could totally work.

I've been catching the first halves of the noon games during lunch at work. During the Netherlands vs. Ivory Coast game, Tommy Smyth and some British guy were doing the commentary. Many of you know that I hate Tommy Smyth with a passion, but I have changed my mind since hearing him do the first half. He kept dropping hilarious one-liners and non-sensical comments. His British partner did some great commentary as well. I give a big thumbs up to Tommy Smyth.

As always, I think JP Dellacamera sucks. I think everyone knows that Michael Essien and Petr Cech are Chelseas teammates. He only mentioned it every 5 minutes. John Harkes has quite an annoying voice. Marcelo Balboa is pretty crappy as well, not to mention his ridiculous hair. I do like listening to Eric Wynalda during halftime. He just says whatever he wants, but it has substance. I think it's refreshing. I also think that if you mention that David Beckham is married to Posh Spice, you should be fired. I have one last thought on World Cup commentary: why isn't Derek Rae doing any games? Not only does Derek Rae have a strong voice with insightful commentary, you could pair him with Tommy Smyth, and Tommy could rip on Derek's Scottish heritage just like in Champions League matches.

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