Sunday, June 11, 2006

Marv Albert Rules

I have several thoughts running through my head. I’m going to run through them in no particular order, so don’t expect any coherent structure.

I’ve decided on a name for my new workplace. My previous employers were referred to as The Corporation and The Agency. I will refer to the new employer as The Group because of mergers and the new name of the company. I start my new job today, and I am ecstatic. It is the type of work I want to be doing, and I don’t feel like I’m settling for a position. I really wanted this job, and I got it. I really hope everything works out. Wish me luck.

Because of my new job, I won't be able to do my random mid-day updates. I think I'll just update late at night from this point forward.

I joined a gym last week—New York Health & Racquet Club. It’s much too expensive for my salary, but I am saving a lot of money in rent. Even though I have access to all ten locations, I’ll probably only use three of them. They are all exceptional facilities. I have until June 22 to try it out and decide if I want to keep the membership. I probably will keep it, but I’ll be hitting the gym hard until then to make sure. Plus, I need to hit the gym hard just to get my money’s worth.

I got up bright and early on Saturday morning to join some friends at Central Bar to watch England’s opening World Cup game. It was a fun atmosphere, and it was great to see such passionate supporters. I tried sneaking my way into a space at the bar to get another round of drinks, but I snuck in right next to a rabid fan who kept staring at me and yelling at the TV. I decided that the beer was not as important as staying out of a physical confrontation with the much larger and stronger gentleman. I watched the England game and half of the Sweden game before I had to call it a day and nap before heading out for Chunky Salsa’s birthday festivities later that night. My friend Jimmy didn’t call it a day. He drank beer all morning, Jack & Cokes all afternoon, and drank even more at the birthday festivities. He basically drank from 8 AM until 2 AM, and only ate fries at some point in the middle of the afternoon. Those British are crazy.

The World Cup has been spectacular to watch. It’s unfortunate that all the group stage games are on at 9AM, noon, and 3 PM everyday until June 23. I wish the games were on later so that I could at least catch one game a day.

I went to a BBQ festival that was held in the city this weekend. It was scrumtrulescent. Basically, several award-winning BBQ restaurants set up booths around Madison Square Park. Each restaurant only served one of either brisket & sausage, ribs, or pulled pork. Depending on the restaurant, this was served with coleslaw or baked beans and a roll. It was only $7. The food was delicious. I got pulled pork with coleslaw. I hate coleslaw, but even the coleslaw was great. I now have a craving for BBQ. Too bad I can’t really afford it right now.

I was watching halftime of Game 2 of the NBA Finals. The puff piece for this game is about referee Bob Delaney’s previous occupation as a mob infiltrator for the FBI. It’s an interesting story about the dangers of his job and how getting chewed out by teams and fans pales in comparison. Unfortunately, they already did this story last year. Does ABC think we don’t remember this stuff? I know there are new viewers every year, but pretty much all of the people that watched last year are watching again this year. Last year they ran the piece on SportsCenter and at halftime of a game. ABC is completely lacking originality. At least their Finals song of “Running Down A Dream” is better than that horrendous Rob Thomas song of last year.

Hubie Brown is extremely annoying as an announcer. In fact, ABC/ESPN’s entire coverage of the playoffs is inferior to TNT’s coverage of the playoffs. From the pre-game and post-game to the in-game announcing, everything about TNT is more entertaining. The team of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and the immortal Charles Barkley is funny and insightful. Even though I hate Doug Collins, having Steve Kerr and the incomparable Marv Albert (YES!) is music to my ears. I know Marv had the weird fetish thing, but you can’t deny the man’s skill. I can’t wait for the day when Hubie Brown retires from commentary, and Marv Albert and Steve Kerr announce every major playoff game.

Who gave the green light for that new Wayans brothers movie, Little Man? I heard White Chicks was funny, but give me a break. They put one of the Wayans’ head on a baby for an entire movie. I don’t see any humor in it whatsoever.

I’m still confused by The Lakehouse, starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. How do you live two years apart? Is it a sci-fi movie, a love story, or both? Who is the target demographic? I see failure written all over this movie.

That Nadal-Federer French Open final was nerve-wracking. I’m glad to see some high quality tennis again. Roddick sucked and never presented a challenge to Federer. The American media just hyped him up because they could have another A-Rod in sports. Nadal is the real deal. He owns Federer. I was pulling for Nadal to win; he wears capris. I like Federer also because he always brings his best for his opponents, but I’m a bit old school and always like Pete Sampras. I’m not so sure I want Federer to break his record of 14 Grand Slams. He’ll probably do it because he averages like two Grand Slam titles per year, but I can still hope.

I watched Entourage religiously when it premiered in the summer of 2004. I did not have HBO during the second season, so I was not able to watch it. I do not have HBO right now, so I will miss the third season. I am very disappointed about all of this.

Lastly, I updated my pictures.


  1. Are you talking about the nba cares Rob Thomas song or the "heart break" song? Both of them were pretty much played a gazillion times!

  2. CHUNKY SALSA!!!! Nice use of scrumtrulescent as well.

  3. Re: "Nadal is the real deal. He owns Federer."

    Are you insane? Nadal may own Federer on clay but on every other surface Federer is untouchable.

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