Friday, June 09, 2006

I Get Paid For This?

I've been temping at this real estate/property management company since Wednesday. I'm supposed to answer phones and do some data entry. Lucky for me there is another admin-type person here, and she answers all the calls. Because they're switching phone systems, her station is the only one that can transfer calls. I can't really do the data entry because the guy who is supervising me is relatively new here and doesn't really know protocol. He pretty much relied on his assistant for everything, and she is gone. Basically, I can't do anything but surf the web. Occasionally, I buzz people in to the office or search for Excel documents on the hard drive. The first day I was here, I showed the guy how to search for things within documents by hitting Ctrl-F. It's pretty rough here. I've decided to post some of the stuff I've come across on the Internet.

I came across an unreal teaser for the live-action Transformers movie. As a childhood fan of Transformers, I can't wait for this movie 's release. Click on the link to see the teaser:
  • Transformers

  • Here is another countdown site, but I think this is just wrong. We should wait about 16 years for something like this:
  • Oh baby!

  • VH1's Best Week Ever Blog judges the careers of the Full House cast:

  • Whatever happened to DJ's boyfriend?

  • No wonder Barry is so crabby all the time:
  • I didn't know Barry was a switch-hitter
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