Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Hills Premiere

The long awaited premiere of The Hills finally aired last night at 10 PM. Unfortunately, I did not watch it. My girlfriend decided that we were going to watch the Pistons game instead. I argued that I needed to watch it because I’m The Dirty Burrito, I’ve been waiting for this moment for months, and I need to watch it so I can write about it immediately. She decided to use the “It’s my apartment” card. I lost.

Luckily, this show is on MTV, and MTV loves to show reruns. Since I don’t have a real job right now, I decided I was going to stay up for the 12:30 AM re-airing of the premiere. The only drawbacks are that I don’t get to catch the original commercials, and I’m not going to stay up an extra half hour to catch Cheyenne. I had originally planned to watch Cheyenne so I could rip it to shreds. This will just have to wait until next week. If you’re wondering why I didn’t write anything about the RW/RR Challenge: Fresh Meat, it’s because my girlfriend hates that show as much as I hate The Real World. Again, not my apartment, i.e., I lose again. Hopefully, I’ll catch reruns this weekend of both Cheyenne and Fresh Meat and blog about it then. Now without further ado, I will give my thoughts on The Hills premiere.

I think the first episode was average, though I’m not counting that against the show. I thought the first episode of Laguna Beach was average, but you know how much I love it now.

The Hills has a lot of potential. There are all those beautiful people hanging out together in Los Angeles, and I choose to believe they are financially supported by MTV. How else can LC and Heidi afford that spacious apartment in the beautiful complex? How will they pay for the gasoline to fuel their cars? How will they afford to go out all those nights? I’m sure Daddy helps a bit, but MTV probably chips in a nice amount. It’s chump change compared to the ad revenue brought in by the show.

I’m not so sure what to think of all the girls yet. LC is looking good as always, but I want to see how she will handle being around all those girls and how she will handle her job at Teen Vogue. Since I’ve been doing my own rounds in the interview circuit, I could sense her unease and lack of preparation with all her “likes” and generic answers about how she gets inspired by Teen Vogue. Heidi appears to be somewhat attractive, but extremely idiotic. She doesn’t seem to have any ambition and expects to just coast her way up through the PR ranks. I’m not a fashion or PR expert, but why is she going to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise if she wants to be in PR? I pose this question in all seriousness. If this is a path to PR, please let me know. Audrina appears to be attractive. I can’t get a read on her yet. I’m not attracted to Whitney at all. I also don’t know what to make of her, but after hearing the blurb about her sorority, she seems to have the potential of The Blonde or Susie Sisterhood.

The guys all look like they’re going to be major douches. I feel we’ll see our fair share of popped polos and cocked hats from these young lads.

I want to know how they cast these people. You know they held auditions for this show. I bet casting had a significant role in LC “choosing” to move to LA with Heidi. I bet Lo didn’t make the cut. I wonder how they got the other two girls. I bet they could’ve found hotter people. I bet Audrina and Whitney just had “headcase” written all over them when they were interviewing from the casting couch. As for the guys, I’m sure they wanted some players or controlling types who still pop their pink Lacoste shirts. Since you can find idiots like these at any fraternity across the country, I bet finding the fellas was the easiest part of the casting director’s day.

As for the reality of the show, it’s pretty obvious that the producers have nearly given up on the concept of portraying it as reality. Everyone already knows it’s only semi-real. Almost every encounter was contrived. From LC’s interview being rushed, to Heidi meeting Audrina, and to LC meeting Whitney on the first day, it all felt staged. I’m not complaining though. It makes for good TV. I would kill to direct one of these shows or even be a storyboard editor.

All in all, I was entertained. The Hills looks like it’s going to be filled with tons of drama and tons of entertainment. I’ll be tuning in every Wednesday at 10 PM, unless my girlfriend decides to watch the Pistons.

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