Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bye, Bye, Bye Old Guy

Do you remember the Backstreet Boys post I wrote following my 2nd row attendance at their concert? I highly recommend that you read it because it seems to be a fan favorite--yes, my one fan absolutely loves it. I would just like to bring to your attention what I wrote about Kevin Richardson back in January: "It was very obvious that Kevin felt he was too old for this. I did some research on IMDb and it turns out that he is going to be 35 in October. Poor guy. He was wearing his wedding ring during the performance, and he just looked like he wanted to go home so he could hang out with his wife."

Earlier this week, Kevin "I'm Old" Richardson left the Backstreet Boys. I have amazing foresight. Thank you, thank you.

Take a look below at one of the clips I captured from the concert. The poor guy just seems to be going through the motions and wondering what the hell he is doing on stage. I prefer to believe he was thinking, "This sucks. High school girls were so much cooler 10 years ago during my mid-twenties."

This totally leaves the door open for *NSYNC to reunite and have a more amazing comeback tour. I know I don't want to see BSB sans-Kevin Richardson. Maybe after Lance Bass finally comes out, they can do a tour. It can also help Lance get back in the spotlight so he can attempt to be an astronaut again.

On another note, did you really think I was going to post on a Thursday without mentioning The Hills? I've come to the conclusion that Brian, Jordan, and Jason are a trio of douchebags. I'm still very interested in the show, but it's not too exciting to watch people go to these LA clubs and partake in underage drinking. And while we're on the subject of underage drinking, did anyone else notice that a girl that will appear on Season 3 of Laguna Beach was at the dinner table for Jason's birthday? She was sitting to Jason's right when he ditched Lauren to sit at the end of the table and flirt with those lovely ladies. Her picture is below. If you happen to catch one of the 30 reruns, watch out for her.


  1. carlo. haha i miss the BSB. LOL. but im pretty sure you miss hearing narda too. better check this out well ok i cant find the link. HAHA. coz it wont load. but if you have time, go to youtube and look for 'mamaw' by michael v. or bubble gang. its hilarious! haha. hope everything's great. and we'll see you soon okay!

  2. damn. that was me. LOL. anonymous i mean.

  3. Lauren always has to make drama...Jason was just trying to socialize with the other guests...He would've been more of an ass if he didn't mingle with the other party people...I ate at that El Coyote restaurant they showed twice...It's the bomb! I'll end with this...Jason and Lauren have some sick ass rides...A convertible bmw and a range rover sport at 19 years of age...crazy stuff!

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