Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Does anyone care about hockey anymore? I’ve watched the NHL playoff highlights on SportsCenter where an anchor sits with Barry Melrose and they analyze the games. It’s really awkward. The anchors sound like they’re giving the highlights to a futbol game in Europe. They don’t know anyone, and they can’t pronounce the names.

A link on ESPN reads “Who exactly is Ilya Bryzgalov?” Well, who the hell is he? Who are any of these players? What happened to the good ol’ days—Fedorov, Lindros, Lemieux, Bure, Roenick, Yzerman, Potvin, Roy, Housley, Iafrate, Gilmour, Muller, Gretzky, Mogilny, Hull, Fuhr, Leech, Messier, McSorley, and Robitaille?

I don’t recognize 99% of the names they blurt out on ESPN highlights. Actually, I don’t even care. I’ve heard that these playoffs are really exciting, and the game is better because there is more scoring. Unfortunately, the strike really did damage hockey. I’ve moved on and completely lost interest, and I’m sure many others feel the same.

I have a solution for hockey, but the NHL is going to need the help of EA Sports. They need to come out with a modern equivalent of NHLPA ’93 for today’s video game consoles. I will always believe that a huge part of the reason my generation grew to love hockey was because of the original NHLPA ’93 for Sega Genesis. It is the defining video game of that era, even being featured in a well-known scene in Swingers.

The only thing that will keep the NHL from losing all relevance in five years is a revolutionary hockey video game. Good luck.

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