Monday, May 01, 2006

Hail to the Stalkers

I just read a story from The Michigan Daily about potential University employers using Facebook as a screening tool for candidates. I think this is ridiculous. People need to stop being so uptight.

I don’t have a problem with employers looking at personal sites like Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, or Flickr, but they need to be open about it. When I was interning at The Agency on The Island, the account directors were looking for potential account executives. After viewing the resumes, they would search for the people on Friendster just to check out pictures and what their interests were. I thought this was weird at first, but never did they discriminate based on what they saw. All decisions were made based on what was on the resume. They even hired someone with drinking pictures all over the profile.

I believe a person is capable of separating his work life from his private life. If someone is ingesting a cocktail of coke and heroin three times a week, that is a different story. However, if I want to do a keg stand over the weekend, take pictures, and share the pictures with my friends and blog about what I vaguely remember, then I think I should be able to do so without worrying about what my employer thinks.

I think you should be judged on your performance in the office, not your performance outside of it.

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