Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I got a huge surprise today. After my 3 hour marathon interview session at The New York Times Digital offices yesterday, I got a call back for a final interview this Friday. This was completely unexpected since I FORGOT TO LOOK AT THEIR WEBSITE!!!

This would not have been a problem except the fourth person that spoke to me was the director of ad operations and she asked me what I knew about The New York Times and whether I had visited the website. I gave quite a shaky answer because this never happens to me. Usually, I check out a website before applying for a position and once I’m granted an interview, I usually visit the site everyday before the interview. For some reason, doing all this due diligence didn’t even occur to me this time. You can imagine my feeling of shock when I was asked if I had seen the website.

You can bet your life I will add The New York Times website to my bookmarks and read it everyday.

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  1. CARLO! CARLO! TELL ME WHY? I miss you man! I miss our karaoke nights. Are you gonna be staying in NY for good? I may just go there after summer. Hope to see you bro!