Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lots of Happenings

According to The Laguna Beach Hook Up, The Hills will premiere on May 24. Obviously, I am very excited.

I will be in New York City from April 26-May 10. I will be looking for permanent employment. I also may try to get some temp work while I search so that I don’t go broke. Wish me luck.

I have some free software recommendations for you guys. If you have a lot of pics and videos on your computer, download Picasa. It’s another amazing program from the geniuses at Google that is great for organizing and editing your visual files. If you are a Blogger, download Blogger for Word.

Good job to the Red Wings on their double OT win last night. The NBA playoffs start this afternoon. I’m very excited. I may just stay in front of the TV all weekend.

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