Monday, March 20, 2006

March Sanity

I’ve only seen one college basketball game since December 14, and it was a two-week-old rerun of the game when Duke shot the half court buzzer-beater to stop an upset by FSU. I thought I’d have an advantage in March Madness pools this year since I lacked any knowledge of college basketball. Apparently, this is not the case seeing as I am last in my money pool. Oh well.

I do miss not being able to experience March Madness with green beer. Saint Patrick’s Day combined with high pressure college basketball games is actually an excellent experience. Very few people even know about March Madness, even fewer know what filling out a bracket or joining an office pool means, and nobody here celebrates the day of green beer. They even showed the selection special only yesterday--Saturday. None of this really wasn’t a surprise to me, but I thought I’d try to bring the spirit anyway by wearing my green shirt and my silly hat. I greeted everyone and had to explain the importance of the day—extreme drinking with green beer—but no one seemed to care. There is always next year.

Though I’m second-to-last in my pool, my dejection was only temporary because I realized that everyone beating me is roughing it in 30 degree weather and snow while I am relaxing poolside in 90 degree weather and working on my tan.

In advertising news, I switched to copywriting a couple weeks ago. My first piece of writing came out this weekend in the form of an advertorial I wrote for the Department of Tourism campaign. I was also in my third ad. Our whitewater rafting boat was featured in the top right corner of the advertorial and you can clearly see me at the front of the boat. Big ups to Gogie, our art director, for the blatant self-promotion. I also shot three more commercials this weekend. Yes, that is correct. Before I leave, I will have been featured in six commercials. There will be more on this and accompanying pictures at a later date.

Until next time…

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  1. Dude, you better be careful...a few more commercials and photo shoots will put you up there on the celebrity A-list in the Philz! Move over Aga Mooooolach! hehe