Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hong Kong

I went to Hong Kong last weekend, and it was awesome. I know Hong Kong is touted as this great economic/business center, but I think it’s just a cover. I think it was really set up as a giant shopping mall with lots of good food.

There were shops everywhere I went--indoors, outdoors, sidestreets, malls, and basically any space you could fit a store. There were so many shops, that I could burn all the calories I’d incur from my meals just by walking. I actually lost weight in Hong Kong. I haven’t lost weight my entire trip in the Philippines, and I’ve been running, lifting, and boxing. Craziness.

The meals there were just unreal. Tasty to the extreme. I will never ever set foot in another Chinese buffet or Orient Express in America ever again. I take that back—maybe an Orient Express if I’m really hungry, but never another Chinese buffet where they serve sushi and jello.

I'm going to have to give it up to the Asians. If I ever wanted to build or design something, I'd hire an Asian. The airport alone was spectacular. The design appeared flawless. Yes, there were also shops once you got through immigration. I'm not talking little tiny crap shops like in the McNamara Terminal in Detroit. I'm talking like Somerset North and South. Everything from your basic newspaper stands to Disney to Louis Vuitton. Great stuff. The subway was immaculate as well. It was extremely clean, had marble floors, nice escalators and elevators, lots of automated ticket machines, and nice customer service kiosks. It was a well-oiled machine.

I’ve posted a couple pics of the city. Check them out.

11 more days…

Until next time…


  1. haha much props to my motherland

  2. Carlo, I'm glad that you like Hong Kong. It's my favorite city in the world too. Come back again.

  3. Carlo, thanks for leaving a message at my blog. I found out about you at our alma mater's alumni board. Your blog has a feed there, remember?