Friday, February 24, 2006

Will I Ever Return to the States?

You may have noticed from or whatever news sites you visit that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has declared The Island to be in a state of emergency. What does this mean? Rallies and protests are banned, arrests without warrants are allowed, the president can call in the military to intervene, and she has the ability to take over facilities and media outlets if they pose a threat to national security. Basically, she is one step short of declaring martial law.

Why all the commotion? These days mark the 20th anniversary of the four day EDSA Revolution that ousted Ferdinand Marcos from power on February 25, 1986. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, that is OK because I don't either. I created that sentence based on news stories that I've read today. Don't worry. I'm 99% sure it's accurate. Anyway, people hate the president here because she is supposedly corrupt and supposedly rigged the last election. Supposedly, a coup attempt was quashed this morning and included a general of special forces being arrested. From what I've been told even if they manage to oust this president, they don't really know who would step up and replace her. This situation could really escalate. The co-workers are already making the "Carlo, you're not going to be able to go back to the states" jokes. Uh oh.

For whatever reason, this all seems exciting to me. Not that I want to live under martial law, but I am interested to see what life under martial law is like. I'm probably just crazy. One of the political rallies is being held at a monument two blocks away from The Agency. I guess that spot is famous because it was one of the main rallying points for the 1986 revolution. I want to walk over there and check it out, but with my luck I'd probably walk into the crowd just before they started releasing tear gas.

In any case, I'm thinking this will probably pass seeing as the president has already survived three impeachent attempts and a coup attempt or two.

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  1. They're bluffing...all of them...I can't be specific, but they are all bluffing...

    It makes me mad that the same people that voted for Gloria also want her impeached...Drama in the Mama land...Holla!