Friday, January 06, 2006

Hottest Guy on Campus

Today’s post is dedicated to a special friend. I’ve known Alexander for ten years, going on eleven this fall, and I still don’t know anyone that actually uses the whole name “Alexander.” What gave him the right to go by “Alexander” when other Alexanders are going by “Alex,” “Al,” or even “Zander”? Well, I’ll tell you what gave him the right: winning Northwestern University’s inaugural “Hottest Guy on Campus” award.

Since I've known Alexander, I always expected him to achieve something as grand as this. With his ability to do 100 push-ups in 20 minutes, woo women, shoot upper v, and turn to the left, I always knew he was destined for something special.

I think this award can be traced to one source: Larin Wilske. The original Derek Zoolander wannabe, Larin has led his life based on three principles: work out excessively, tan excessively, and bleach your hair excessively. We have dubbed this process “larinizing.” (What kind of name is “Larin” anyway? Wikipedia doesn’t even have a fake entry for this.) Larin played Borg to Alexander’s McEnroe, always pushing Alexander to larinize as much as possible. This heated struggle finally has a winner.

Congratulations Alexander! You’re hot.

And on to the other news…

I won the second blog-off. Though Ben’s article was very creative and every call out he made of me was true, he didn’t follow directions and wrote about the wrong night. The voters have spoken, and following the directions is just as tantamount to winning as creativity. Ben should’ve learned the importance of following directions in grade school.

I returned from my three day trip to Boracay. You can see pictures at the URL below:

I start work on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Until next time…

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  1. and you didnt bring him here?! damn. haha.