Saturday, January 21, 2006

Backstreet's Back...All Right

When I arrived on The Island about a month ago, my uncle mentioned that Backstreet Boys were coming to town. Why he mentioned this to me, I have no clue. Maybe my demeanor just screams “I enjoy boy band music.” Anyway, knowing his connectedness, I jokingly asked him for backstage passes. Surprisingly, he said “OK, I’ll ask.”

A month passes by without me giving another thought to my request when my account director at The Agency says to me at a meeting, “You like the Backstreet Boys, right?” I respond with a hesitant, “Umm yeah. Why?” She replies, “OK, well I’m getting tickets for the show. They’re being delivered right now.” At this point I am in disbelief because I didn’t think I would actually get these tickets. I’m also feeling a little guilty because I pledged my allegiance to NSYNC after No Strings Attached was released. Seriously, who didn’t like “Bye, Bye, Bye?” Yeah, that’s right. I bought No Strings Attached the day it was released. Someone also stole it from me a few months later…cheap bastard.

So the tickets arrive, and right away I read to see where I’ll be sitting. The first thing I notice is that they say “VIP Patron.” This obviously piques my interest. Guilt is somewhat going away now. Then I go to the venue’s website to see where Section 103, Row BB is located. I saw sections 104-115 diagrammed right down on the floor, but I did not see a section 103. I get a little scared because I’m in a section that isn’t on the seating chart. Though this causes a little apprehension, I decide to screw it and just go. I’ve been given two tickets that say “VIP Patron” on them. There is no way they’re going to be worse than upper bowl at The Palace.

I scuttle my NSYNC guilt and see if my cousin Krizzie wants to go. It seems she was also hesitant because it has been years since BSB came out with anything. She told her friends at school and they just broke into song—“Tell me whhyyyeeee” and “Backstreet’s back…all right!” Apparently, everyone gives the same reaction when you tell them you are going to a BSB concert. During our brainstorming session, the other people at The Agency found out I was going to this event and they immediately also belted out hit lyrics like “Evvryyyboooodddyyy, yeeeeaaaahh. Rock your boooddddyyyy, yeeeeaaahh.” These were people in their mid 30s to early 40s. I guess BSB has a very wide appeal. All this singing makes me excited.

It’s about 7:30 and we take off for the show. I get there and buy two hot dogs and four beers because I haven’t eaten dinner and it’s like an American tradition to drink before and during concerts. I can’t forget American tradition just because I’m back in the motherland. All this cost the equivalent of $4.50. Yes, you read that correctly. I got two hot dogs and four beers for $4.50 at stadium pricing. The earlier singing combined with the tastiness of the hot dogs and beers starts giving me a really good feeling about this show.

Once inside, we saw the signs directing us to section 103. We asked the usher to show us to our seats, and he told us to follow him. This guy kept walking, and walking, and walking until he reached the 2nd row. I was stunned. Krizzie and I just looked at each other in astonishment. We knew this had to be sweet. Suddenly, the lights went down and I saw five figures at the top of the steps on the stage. The place went nuts. I went nuts. I didn’t care. I was sitting 2nd row.

I have to say that BSB are quite the performers. I was thoroughly impressed, and they had me questioning my allegiance to NSYNC the whole time. They just kept belting out hits like “All I Have to Give,” “I Want It That Way,” “Larger Than Life,” “Drowning,” “I’ll Never Break Your Heart,” “Quit Playing Games,” “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely,” and “Everybody.” I was blown away. I didn’t even know they had some of these songs in their arsenal. They were snipers, firing one hit after another. I just kept thinking, “Backstreet’s back…all right!”

I have some things I want to say about the guys in the band. Brian was definitely into the show. He looked like he was loving every bit of it; I liked the enthusiasm. Howie D.—thanks for cutting your hair. You no longer look like a douchebage. It was very obvious that Kevin felt he was too old for this. I did some research on IMDb and it turns out that he is going to be 35 in October. Poor guy. He was wearing his wedding ring during the performance, and he just looked like he wanted to go home so he could hang out with his wife. Nick Carter is one fat, dirty bastard. He looks like a mess. I think he’s depressed from not having Paris to slap around anymore, or that his little brother is doing more of a disservice to the family name than he ever has. There was one point in the concert where he truly showed his sketchiness. He leaned forward at the end of a song, gave the finger to some girls right up by the stage, ran the finger up his neck, and as he neared his mouth he flashed the “V” with his index and middle fingers and stuck his tongue through it. Real classy. AJ doesn’t seem to have relapsed into his alcohol/drug addiction. I did consider throwing a beer up on stage just to see if he’d grab it, but I feared Nick might intercept it and just shotgun it.


After the show, we met up with some people from The Agency to go to the CD launch party for this DJ named Anton Ramos. He was releasing another CD for this thing he calls The Chillout Project. We received free drinks, so don’t think I didn’t take advantage. Mr. Jack Daniels and I reunited for yet another glorious evening. Overall, it was a pretty fun event and nice way to end the night. Pics are below:

  • Check out BSB and The Chillout Project
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    I found out that Dunkin’ Darvin Ham is probably making about $14,000 a month. (See post below)

    After downloading multiple songs from both bands, I came to this conclusion: though I am now a fan of BSB, I still prefer NSYNC.

    Until next time…


    1. not gonna lie- they are both decent but NSYNC will always be better!