Monday, December 19, 2005

The Competition

Laguna Beach is on hiatus, I have no clue when The Hills is going to air, and MTV Asia isn’t showing The Gauntlet II yet. Though this sounds like the apocalypse for The Dirty Burrito, a new challenge has come across my path: a blog-off. My friend Benjamin “I Have No Creativity And I Can Only Make Sister Jokes” Comstock has created The Clean Taco to rival mine. Furthermore, as a sign of his ineptness in the creative sphere, he named his blog “Clean Taco.” First of all, he didn’t put “The” in front of the name. This implies that there are other Clean Tacos that are far superior to his. Secondly, he couldn’t even incorporate any creative alliteration in his name like “Tidy Taco.” Lastly, I wouldn’t have picked such a weak Mexican food. If he really wanted to rival me, he would’ve picked a chimichanga, which is a deep fried burrito. It’s got some kick.

In the coming months, Ben and I will be sporadically facing off on random subjects. Some have been saying this will be like the Gauntlet III and have even compared me and Ben to Ruthie and Alton. Ben…you are NOT black. I also take offense to being compared to Ruthie as I am not a raging alcoholic. I don’t think The Gauntlet is an apt comparison since it is a team competition and this is a one-on-one match up. I see this more as Ali vs. Frazier, Bird vs. Magic, Borg vs. McEnroe, Cruise vs. Shields, and if the gods are gracious--Spears vs. Federline.

In the spirit of me naming things with “The”, such as The Dirty Burrito, The Corporation, The Island, and other things to come, I will dub this “The Competition.” The Competition will be moderated by Chunky Salsa, Jesse Missad, who will remain an unbiased mediator. He will take suggestions, set deadlines, and settle disputes.

The Competition commences this week with a Jessica vs. LC blog-off. Though Clean Taco likes LC, which I respect, he seems to have a special place in his heart for Jessica’s double D’s.

If you would like to check out the competition and moderator, check out:

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