Monday, November 14, 2005

We Love the Drama

Me: Do you watch Laguna Beach?

Sis: Ummm…I watched a couple minutes of it today, but I didn’t like it. That show is too fake.

Me: Horrified look of disbelief and simultaneously thinking we’re not related.

Me: Do you like Kristin or LC?

Sis: My friends say Kristin…?

Me: Even more horrified look of disbelief and completely disowning my sister.

Okay, so I won’t disown my sister. She is only 12, and it’s probably better that she and the rest of her middle school cohorts don’t get exposed to all the drama and hooking up of Laguna Beach. But why are we so addicted to this show that we consistently place it in the Top 10 for basic cable shows and have made celebrities out of most, if not all, of the cast?

We love the drama!

A consistent theme that runs through the show is that the cast members are always trying to get away from the drama. In Season 1, Kristin went to Cabo to get away from all the drama even though every person from Laguna was going there for Spring Break. I don’t know how she thought she’d get away from the drama—silly high school junior. This season, LC saw Jason kissing Jessica and said something like, “I’m not in high school anymore, I shouldn’t have to put up with this stuff anymore”—silly college freshman.

Unfortunately, none of us are ever going to escape the drama. Ben Franklin should’ve included it in his quote about death and taxes.

So why do we love the drama on Laguna Beach? We get to witness the drama that every one of us has experienced or is experiencing, and we don’t even have to feel the ugly consequences. Each of us can relate to a story arc or situation from that show because we went through it sometime during high school or college, maybe some of us are experiencing it now, or maybe we know someone going through it. Here are some examples:

- Stephen and Kristin Post-Breakup (Season 2)

Who hasn’t gone through that whole situation? Do you remember the awkwardness on the beach when Stephen first returned from San Francisco? I’m sure about 90% of us went through some serious break up with a significant other. You talk and try to remain cordial, but deep down you both know it’s all fake. (Go listen to Dashboard’s “Standard Lines” and that will totally describe the situation. “So which of these standard lines will we use? I’ve been meaning to call you, but I’ve just been so busy. We’ll catch up soon.”) At a certain point, you do actually get together to catch up and it ends up being just like that scene on the beach. Awkward silence and leaving pissed off and disappointed. Both of you have changed, and that dynamic isn’t there anymore. We got to relive it vicariously through Stephen and Kristin, but we didn’t have to feel the disappointment. We talked about how awkward it was, how Stephen was being a dick, and how Kristin was being a bitch. We were entertained by it!

- LC, Stephen, and Kristin (Season 1)

Have any of you ever liked someone that was interested in someone else? If you didn’t say “yes,” then you are a liar. LIAR!!! It’s human nature. We want things we can’t have. It’s in the Bible. This woman, let’s call her “Eve,” screwed things for all MANkind by eating the forbidden fruit. (I’m not, to quote Jesse Spano, a “male chauvinist pig.” I just like to mess with the Womens’ Studies students out there.) Anyway, we’ve all been in LC’s shoes. Maybe you’ve even been in Kristin’s shoes. LC was totally crazy for Stephen even though he was in love with Kristin, and there really wasn’t anything she could do. Depending on who you rooted for in the LC vs. Kristin debate, you either empathized with LC or loathed her mere existence. You all know I’m a huge LC fan. Sure, some of it had to do with the fact that I empathized with her situation (mostly it was because I thought LC was hotter and Kristin is an annoying ditz), but I can also see why some of you would side with Kristin; maybe you’ve had that LC-type always going after your boyfriend or girlfriend. Either way, we were able to watch the situation unfold, engage in some lighthearted banter, but we didn’t have any of the hostility that LC and Kristin had between each other.

- Kristin and Stephen Fighting at the Bar in Cabo (Season 1)

If you have ever been in a drunken argument with your significant other at a bar, please raise your hand. Now that is drama…

- Finishing High School

Remember how psyched you were to finish high school? It was like a giant weight was lifted from your shoulder, and all you had left was college. You thought you could just go drink your way through, meet all these new people, and have the time of your life all while living off your parents’ mighty dollar. Well my friends, you were correct! But then college ended…Now we’re in the real world where you have to make your own way. Life really is kicking you in the ass now. You hate your job. You’re looking for a new one. This is where you have to step up, and that stresses out pretty much all of us. You saw the episodes last season where they’d talk about how exciting it was to go to college and how they couldn’t believe high school was over. I’m sure you’ve seen the previews for the season finale where Kristin is talking about how they’re finally going to college. When these people make a huge deal of the situation and talk about things like who they’re going to stay friends with, you can’t help but flashback to when you did that stuff. It’s like they’re having all the same conversations you had when you were finishing up high school. Part of you would relish the opportunity to go back to a time when that was the biggest deal of your life because it was so much simpler, and then reality kicks in and you realize that it would be really sad if that were still the biggest deal in your life and you are now in your early twenties. (Don’t worry, transitioning to life after high school is NOT the biggest thing that has happened to me in my life thus far. That award goes to never losing my keys (Jess) or vomiting in someone’s living room (Chelle) during college. JUST KIDDING!) Hopefully, most of us have moved on from the “who are we going to talk to after we graduate” phase, and we’re trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives so we can make something of ourselves. This is where it gets stressful, and for 30 minutes each week we watch those Laguna kids to take our minds off our horrible jobs and inability to find new likeable ones.

This is what I’ve come up with for why we love Laguna Beach. Hopefully I’m correct to some degree, or maybe I’m just full of crap and it’s just simply entertaining to watch. Regardless, the first two seasons of this show have been amazing. I hear they’re coming out with a third season, but I doubt it can be as good. Yes, the show was only semi-real, but I feel the third season is just going to be completely fake. It’s going to be like Real World, but in Laguna Beach. I’m sure they’ll have some new badass that cheats on everyone, a new blonde ditz, a super emotional punk chick with green hair and striped socks, a “secretly” gay person, a black guy who wants to be a musician, and some female minority that is a huge bitch. Do they even have non-Caucasians in that town? Maybe The Miz and Coral will show up to narrate the show. Who knows? At the very least, please stop Kristin from her horrible, monotone narration.

Sidenote: Personally, I’d like to see a Battle of the Seasons- Season 1 vs. Season 2. I would want Jonny Moseley and Dave Mirra to co-host. Obviously, there would be a bunch of questions about where crossovers such as Talan, Kristin, LC, and Stephen would go. I’m going Darrin’s Dance Grooves on you and breaking it down so you can do the moves at your own speed:

Season 1: LC, Stephen, Lo, Dieter, Trey, Christina, Morgan, Polster, Sam

Season 2: Kristin, Talan, Alex M., Alex H., Jessica, Jason, Cedric, Casey, Taylor

Why did I give Season 1 LC and Stephen? I felt they were more important to the show on Season 1. Why Polster and Sam? I needed to make it 9-v-9.

Why did Season 2 get Kristin and Talan? Kristin really elevated her star status on Season 2. Talan got way more airtime on this season. He even got to sing and ruin his music career before it even started.

Some competitions they could have:

- Who is a worse singer: Christina v Talan?

- Who is the more likeable friend of the main male character: Dieter v Cedric

- Narrator Jello Wrestling: LC v Kristin (This would be the Season Finale)

Until next time…


  1. Tonight's the big night! Can't wait to hear your review of the season finale...I'm starting to get hooked on Run's house...his daughters are kinda hot...Holla!


  2. yeah... so I didn't really read it... but i'm sure its drama filled and entertaining. Great Monday night football game though. kisses and hugs