Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Dirty Burrito Returns

I’m back bitches. I’ve missed all of you dearly. I truly apologize for not having an update for the past 3 weeks or so. Work has sucked out the motivation and creative identity from my soul. It also hasn’t helped that Laguna Beach has sucked ass for the past few episodes. I was asked to do a jogging journal for LB, but I respectfully declined due to the fact that this season sucks compared to the first season. All you LB loyalists will agree that Season 1 rocked my bed and Season 2 just fell dead (Many of you didn’t know this, but I like to do rap battles on the weekends. There is a huge underground hip hop scene in Downtown Minneapolis).

Who saw the Divo last week on my Super Sweet 16? That was great. Bjorn (B-zhorn, not B-yorn as in Bjorn Borg) is hilarious. He was the gay, black version of Hart. Bjorn thought he was very fashion forward, and I’ll give him that. He was very unique. Hart thought he was fashionable because he popped his collar. I’m sure popping the collar was sweet when they taped his episode. Bjorn gave his female friends by giving them clothes to wear for his fashion show. Hart gave all of his female friends clothes to wear to basically by their attendance to his party. I don’t think that was such a bad move, considering that his kick ass birthday party competed with a high school dance. Bjorn threw up due to his nervousness from making his big runway debut. Hart almost threw up because he chugged a lot of Red Bulls like an idiot. If I had to choose which one I enjoyed more, I’d have to go with Hart because of his spaz of a dad.

Side note: Did anyone else think that MTV should’ve played “Whip It” by Devo the band? For his fashion poster, he should’ve worn one of those Devo hats. You may think it’s lame; I personally think it’s brilliant.

I never thought I’d be saying this, but I started watching The OC Season 1. Yeah that’s right…I started watching The OC. I completed the Texas vs. Ohio State game a couple weeks ago and decided that I had no urge to go out. Jess had given me her copy of The OC a week earlier, and I reluctantly accepted it. Since I wasn’t about to read a book and I had watched all the episodes of Law & Order SVU, The OC was my only option. Guess what? I got addicted. I stayed up until 4 AM watching that stuff. Unfortunately, The Corporation was sucking the life out of me and I have not had anytime to begin Disc 5. Hopefully, I will soon continue be able to follow the exploits of Sandy, Seth, and the gang.

I would like to say that my favorite character is most definitely Sandy Cohen. Who knew Peter Gallagher could be so funny? I also want to say that Anna is way better than Summer. Samaire Armstrong, the actress that played Anna, was on Entourage Season 1. She’s the cool one.

If any of you die-hard OC fans want to read an interesting article, I’ll provide the URL below. The Sports Guy had E-mails with the creator or head writer or whatever of The OC and asked him questions before the beginning of Season 3. I was unable to read it because I have not seen enough of The OC to be able to understand it, but I’m sure the article was interesting. Here is the link:

That is all for now folks. I know this one was very sloppy and all over the place, but I just wrote it as a quickie. I didn’t spend my usual hour on this entry. Like I said before, I’m trying to slowly get back into the rhythm of blogging because my creative identity has been sucked from my soul. If you get lucky, I may do a jogging journal of LB on Monday because it looks like it has a lot of promise.

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