Saturday, August 06, 2005

Tyrese: Singer, Actor, Art Enthusiast

I saw Tyrese’s house on Cribs today. Unbelievable hilarity. His taste in art is unparalleled. He should head up the Louvre or something. He is a modern day d’Medici. He commissioned a mural of the last supper…but instead of Jesus and the 12 apostles, he had dead black musicians. They were on the mural in this order from left to right: Bob Marley, Aaliyah, Tupac, Marvin Gaye, Notorious B.I.G., Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, Jam Master J, and Barry White. This mural, entitled “Remember,” took up an entire wall in a room of his house. It honestly looked like it should have been painted on the side of some building in LA or New York. Marvin Gaye was in the center wearing a crown of thorns because Tyrese thinks of him as the Jesus of music. No joke. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he takes us into his workout room and decides to show us another painting he had commissioned. Tyrese tells us he has dreams, and one dream he had was Malcolm X baptizing Tupac. HAHAHA. I literally just laughed out loud as I typed that and recalled the painting. This painting was called “What if.” What if Malcolm X baptized Tupac? I was in awe. Although this painting was not as big as the mural, it definitely looked like the same guy painted it and should’ve been on the side of a building in LA or New York. There were also some other funny things about Tyrese’s house. Before entering the family room, there is a rug that says Rese’s Love Lounge or Rese’s Love Room. I’m not sure which one it is, but either of them are really funny. He also had a 100% wolf fur jacket. I’m sure he wears it a lot in southern California. He also put it on and started howling like a wolf. I forgot what else was funny because my short term memory has failed me once again, but Tyrese’s crib is a must-see.

I was also watching the 101 Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment on E!, and I came across the most interesting commercial. There is a new show called Wild On Tara hosted by (yes, you guessed it) Tara Reid! Poor girl. Her career is truly down the toilet now. She is hosting Wild On for E!! Has she just given up on trying to find acting roles? She couldn’t find another Van Wilder or American Pie type movie? I have a feeling we’re going to see her on Playboy or Penthouse very soon. A sex tape may even be in the works. I bet Carson Daly doesn’t feel all that bad now about being dumped by her while they were engaged. He at least has his own late night show on NBC. By the way, I went to a live taping of one of his shows back in January. Colin Quinn and Pauly Shore were the guests. Colin Quinn sucked as always. He is not funny at all. How the hell did he become a comedian? Pauly Shore, however, was hysterical.

I’m going to end this post with a little self-glorification. The Fighting Ligers kickball team won their doubleheader on Thursday night to become Thursday night intramural kickball champions! I went to four intramural finals at Michigan, but I was never able to make that final leap to the top. After joining The Corporation, I am proud to say that I’ll finally be able to wear a championship t-shirt that I didn’t have to steal. That's right...I'm not really an intramural soccer champion at the University of Michigan. It's okay though, because I'm a kickball champion.

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  1. hey can u get me a pic of Malcolm X baptizing Tupac