Wednesday, August 10, 2005

So Long Sweet Summer

So long sweet summer
I stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays
So long sweet slumber
I fell into you now you're gracefully falling away
Hey thanks, thanks for that summer

Those are some lyrics from an old Dashboard Confessional song, when he was just a depressed acoustic solo act singing a ton of songs about how his girlfriend crushed his heart. I really hope a girl crushes his heart again so that there might be a chance that he ditches his band and writes a slew of new songs about heartbreak.

Anyway, the reason I posted those lyrics is because I started thinking about summer today while I was changing classes at The Corporation. (Yes, I did say I was changing classes. Training period at The Corporation is like high school. There are even cliques.) I became very aware of where I was and what I was doing. My mind did a lot of wandering today, and I started wishing I was 19 again or 16 or any other age that didn't really have any responsibility.

I can remember (well, barely remember 2000, 2002, and 2003) all my favorite summers: 2003, 2002, 2000, and basically any summer when I was a little kid. I worried about what we were going to call The Landing on the Moon party (2002) and The Pipeline (2003) party and how we were going to ensure the absence of police. I worried about keeping my friends from doing stupid things like chopping down Elden Campbell's tree.

My reasons for working during the summer included the following: drinking money, spending money, building up a cache of money for when I go back to college because I knew I wouldn't be working as much in Ann Arbor, and my dad stopped giving me an allowance. My jobs were easy. During the summers, I worked on the cleanup crew for a bakery and as a camp counselor. At the bakery, the girls were hot, the guys were cool, and I got free baked goods. At camp, I just swam with kids all day and got a tan.

Those were the good days. We still had Pepsi Stuff that we actually used (lawn chairs), and stain-resistor Dockers just came out. In order to demonstrate their effectiveness, my buddy poured beer onto his pants instead of my cup. My summer days consisted of going to work, working out, and seeing where we'd be drinking that night. Old School came out and launched a thousand quotes, not to mention Will Ferrell's movie career and a whole slew of Ferrell/Vaughn/Stiller/Wilson brothers movies. During the 2002 World Cup, we'd stay up all night to watch the games live at 3 AM. There was fuzzy leopard underwear and stupid high school girls. "Fine, I'll ask her. You want me to ask her? Ma'am where do the high school girls hang out around here?" We threw the greatest party imaginable to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. There was Foos Fest at Walker's house. Three foosball tables, lots of booze, lots of food, and a whole bunch of jobless mid to late twenty-somethings getting hammered. We got too drunk to finish the tournament. I'd wake up on one of Alexander's couches every other morning, hung over half the time, and his dad would wake me up and ask me to play craps. There was so much else that happened that I either don't remember or don't care to tell, but I know it was awesome.

I know that last paragraph was all over the place, but that's what summer's are about. I'm sure all of you can put together a paragraph of highlights from all your greatest summers too. Unfortunately, I realized today that summers like these are probably over. Don't get me wrong. I have a good time on hanging out with friends and going out on weekends, but my routine of craziness pretty much every day of the week during the summer is over. It's also a little different and depressing when I find myself debating whether to save my money this weekend for groceries instead of bars, or whether I should invest in a house and pay a mortgage instead of rent. Yeah, let that go through your head. That sucks.

Sometimes I wonder if I should've just taken a year off before working. I could've hung out with all my best friends who are still in college. (NOTE: My friends are not stupid 5th or 6th year seniors. They are all one year younger than me.) I wouldn't mind making sure that they don't chop down another of Elden Campbell's trees. Oh well.

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  1. Carlo-

    Not going to lie summer parties where always a good time. NASA party was definately classic. I still remember when we cracked into your parents bottles of wine. Or how about when you backed into Fern's mailbox after getting pulled over by the cops....Hmm I dont think that was summer but still funny none the less. As much fun as that was nothing however can top the bathroom confessionals.