Monday, August 01, 2005

Jogging Journal

I decided to do a running diary for tonight’s show, but I decided that “running diary” is overused. I’m calling it my jogging journal. Yes, it’s lame. I know this. I don’t care. I’m a big fan of alliteration. This is my blog. Start your own blog if you think you can come up with something better, or just post something in the comments. And without further ado…

8:59 What is the deal with Kristin's hair in the previews. One scene it's short, the next it's long. Either it's later in the season or she got extensions; I'm hoping for the former. Either way, it's much better long. Taylor is unattractive. I think Jessica is hotter.

9:00 I still like LC's voice better for narrating. I need a massage. Like like like like like like try not to say "like" all the time. They almost got a shot of like Jessica's boobs.

9:02 Yeah Hilary Duff. What a unique way to spell your name.

9:04 Stephen slept over, AND got breakfast from LC. It's official. I love LC. Hot, rich, and cool as hell. I wish I had surfed while I was in California last summer. Taylor's face looks like that of the cryptkeeper from the HBO classic series
Tales from the Crypt.

9:06 What the hell is the deal with the bubble jacket with a skirt? I wonder if it's Northface. She's probably destined for Markley Hall at the University of Michigan, but she better change the color from pink to black if she wants to fit in. Dave & Buster's...awesome place for shuffleboard.

9:10 Rachel McAdams is hot. I'm a huge fan. She's an awesome actress. So versatile. She plays a bitch in
Mean Girls, I didn't watch The Notebook, plays a sweet girl-next-door type in Wedding Crashers, and will soon be tackling an action role in Redeye. I think Cillian Murphy is great by the way. He's so evil. You pronounce his name like the beer Killian's. You pronounce the word "kill" in his name. That's evil. I watched some good movies this weekend-The Island and Wedding Crashers. That means I saw the previews for the Reese Witherspoon movie called Just Like Heaven. Absolutely amazing premise. Reese plays a ghost. A guy rents out her old apartment and she starts haunting him. Since it's a romantic comedy, they're obivously going to end up together...EVEN THOUGH SHE IS A DEAD GHOST! AMAZING! Who approved this script?

9:14 I wonder what time it is during filming. I thought you had to be over 21 after a certain time to be in Dave & Buster's. Why are these girls having poker parties? Do you think they actually play? I don't. I still don't like Casey. Way too fake for me. I'd be very angry if someone smeared fake blood on my window.

9:17 Nice product placement for Doritos. HOLY CRAP! Doritos is on automatic caps in MS Word! The guy who spoke at my commencement helped develop spellcheck. He was pretty boring, but got huge cheers once we found out about his contribution to spellcheck. Anyway, the Doritos bag is sitting perfectly upright, as if it were just another passenger.

9:20 I need a Hilary Duff commercial for Kohl's and Candies. "Wake up, wake up...London, Paris, maybe Tow-key-yo." It's so catchy.

9:23 Fame has definitely gotten to Kristin's head. She's super bitch. Stir up some drama Taylor. If she wasn't around Jason and Alex, how does she know that they were talking about Jessica?

9:26 Lo looks like she gained a gut at school. I still think she's awesome at life though. Well the conversation between Lo and LC was probably the most forced situation ever.

9:27 Hahahaha. Why does she alway ask Jason to swear on their relationship? He obviously doesn't care. She's so stupid. Hahahaha. Jason just made her drive herself to a dinner date. This girl needs to get herself together. I think if he clubbed her in the knee, she's still stick by him.

9:29 Holy crap! Back-to-back episodes!

9:30 OK I was fooled. They shouldn't say "next on Laguna Beach." They should say "next TIME on Laguna Beach." I can't believe there wasn't a Hilary Duff commercial.


  1. Carlo---I must say, I really enjoy reading your blog. Very well written, and even though I'm not so much a laguna beach fan, I watched that episode and I totally thought the same thing about the Doritos hahaha

    Hope things are good in Minneapolis :)


  2. If you think Jessica is even hot, that you are on crack. Thanks. Bye.