Saturday, July 16, 2005

Laguna Beach

"I'm so stoked for college dude. It's so rad. I'm so amped" - Stephen from Laguna Beach

This pretty much sums up how I feel about the new season of Laguna Beach. I just watched the Season 1 marathon, and it was absolutely amazing. Reliving the adventures of LC, Stephen, Kristin and the rest of the gang of "the real OC" was hilarious. There are so many questions that need to be asked, and I have a lot of random thoughts. Remember, I was an Econ major. I didn't major in English because I find it hard to put my thoughts in a flowing form. Anyway, here we go...

I'm still in awe of how they managed to talk their parents into letting MTV film their
lives for 6 months. Surely no good could come of this. The cameras captured every lie and backstabbing comment. Not only that, but the cameras captured and frequently alluded to the sexual exploits of their children--"Hooking up", "all we did was kissed", "what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo", et al. Everyone in Laguna must now think that Kristin is a huge whore. How did Kristin talk her parents into filming another season?! Did her parents not watch the Spring Break episode?
While we're on Spring Break, do you think MTV paid for the trip. I know these kids come from affluent families, but that resort in Cabo San Lucas was ridiculous. It must have been in the contract that they signed with MTV..."You must let your kids go on Spring Break so we can film them getting drunk and hooking up with each other." I compare it to the random trip that Real World always takes mid-season, but this time Contiki and STA Travel didn't plaster their names all over the episode.

Thoughts on Stephen: I still don't know how I feel about Stephen. He can be a bit of a tool sometimes, but I don't despise him. At times toward the end of the season, he sounded a little bit like Mike Dexter from Can't Hardly Wait. He would throw out comments about how easy or "more experienced" college girls would be.

LC vs. Kristin: Faithful male followers (female followers too) would debate who is hotter. Let's go at this methodically, shall we? Looks: Push. Booksmarts: Kristin. Common Sense: LC. This was a tough one for me, but in the end it was Kristin's ditziness that made her lose. Granted, LC didn't seem to have to many booksmarts (she plans on being a fashion major), but she came off as a normal person. She took all the drama with ease. She didn't freak out about everything and yell "Steeefuuuhn" each time she had some dilemma. If both of them entered the real world 5 years from now, I think Kristin would have a nervous breakdown unless she had "Steeefuuuhn" by her side. LC seems like she could take on any task and run with it. After I just said all this, I'm probably wrong about LC. From the previews, it seems like LC won't be able to handle life away from Laguna Beach, and she'll move back home. Let's hope I'm wrong, and MTV is just messing with my head again with some crafty story editing.

Fringe Characters: Morgan and Christina suck. Morgan said she wanted to leave Laguna Beach early in the season when she was opening her rejection letter from BYU. How the hell can you think that you got an acceptance letter when the reply letter was sent in a standard envelope? I'm going to brag here and let you all know that I got into all the schools (Michigan, NYU, Indiana, Purdue, and THE Ohio State University [Buck the Fuckeyes]) to which I applied, and they all sent me a huge thick envelope that weighed my arm down. Christina just sucks at singing and acting. That's the impression I got from her audition in New York. I hope her voice, acting, and dancing lessons are working out for her. Deiter was funny, but looked kinda goofy. Trey was awesome. I wish they had done more on him. Between starting Active Youth America and the fashion show, he seemed to have a lot of promise. He goes for things. I like it. I predict Talan will get an STD sometime during the 2nd season. Lo is great. Her voice and personality are infectious, but in a good way. She brings a lot of positive energy.

I love seeing all the sappy, emotional moments about how they're going to keep in touch with one another. I went through all that weird crap 4 years ago when I graduated from high school. I don't feel like it's that big of a deal. Girls that age write messages in yearbooks like "Don't ever change" and "BFF." I think that is crap. How horrible would it be if you hadn't changed from 4 years ago? What if you just hung out with all the same people from 4 years ago and never met any of the new people you are close to now? It sucks that you have to move on, but transition is just part of life. You have to be able to adapt to survive. You'll end up keeping in touch with the people you were really close to, even if it's just sporadically. Building an enormous network of friends and acquaintances means you've been able to experience great things. All these new people and experiences add a little something to your personality. I say screw "Don't ever change." Change is good. It keeps life interesting.

Those are my random thoughts on the 1st season of Laguna Beach. I'm interested to know what you think (even if you think I'm a tool for loving this show so much), so post some comments. I'll have another Laguna Beach post after I see the premiere of the 2nd season.

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  1. I love that show!!!I don't think I analyzed it a much as you but I'm totally sucked in. I also love the OC does that make me a bad person?