Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Laguna Beach Season 2 Premiere

The hour-long season premiere was spectacular. It was so soothing to hear Hilary Duff sing "Come Clean." She has such deep lyrics..."Cause perfect didn't feel so perfect; Trying to fit a square into a circle; Was no life; I defy..." What does that even mean? The main cast from the opening credits looks like an Abercrombie ad, but I'm fine with that because I won't have to deal with Morgan and Christina as much. Hopefully, I won't have to deal with them again beyond this first episode. I was a bit disappointed that Stephen and LC were put on the tail end of credits. Does this mean they won't be as integral to the show as last year? I'd be devastated if this were the case.

I loved that montage of the 1st season's cast coming back home from college for the first time. It definitely captured the mood of what it feels like to come back home for the first time after you've been away at college. It's a weird mixture of emotions. You're happy, nervous, anxious, excited, and any other emotion you can think of, all at the same time. You're so amped to see your friends and live it up like old times. But if you're lucky enough (or unlucky, depending on your view) to have had that "serious" high school relationship, you're probably going to have to see that ex. Through Stephen/Kristin and Dieter/Jessica, MTV perfectly captured the awkwardness of that first meeting with your ex. All the familiarity and closeness is replaced with awkward silence and stares. I did think Dieter handled his meeting with Jessica better than Stephen handled his meeting with Kristin, even though both girls were total bitches and didn't even attempt to make things go smoothly. Jessica acted like a bitch from the moment Dieter got there. He showed a lot of class in the face of extreme bitchiness. Stephen just lost his cool. From that first meeting and the party at Lo's house, he looks way too hung up on her. He needs to move on, but he probably won't be able to. Let's see how he handles it.

Speaking of Lo's party and parties in general...what is the deal with MTV and those underage kids drinking? I'm not saying they shouldn't drink, even though they probably shouldn't. I had my first drink at 16, but I didn't have cameras following me around and broadcasting my life to the world. Are we to assume that they're drinking from a keg because they have the 16 oz red Solo cups? They seemed pretty drunk when they mentioned South Coast time. That girl Jen is that one girl that brags about how everything is different at her school because she is apparently going to school on the East Coast. Remember, this is the same girl that complained about her mom firing her maid for stealing silverware last season. Did anyone else think Kristin was annoying as hell when she showed up? I can't stand her voice. Quick side note: I think they should ban Kristin from narrating and let LC do it again. I also think Kristin was a huge bitch for calling LC stupid, and then Jen just laughed and didn't even back her friend up so she sucks too.

What's the deal with the new girl, Casey? Where did she come from? Did I miss when they said where she came from? Probably. However, she does remind me of the girl on My Super Sweet 16 who moved from Roswell to La Jolla because her daddy wanted to buy her love. They're both the new rich girls who threw parties so everyone would like them. Anyway, that's the impression that I got. I loved Jason's call out when he asked why the pink lemonade was bubbly. I seriously think MTV just told them that if they had alcohol they had to get red Solo cups or call the alcohol by the name of a non-alcoholic beverage. How is this OK? I bet some Senator is going to call for a review of this because of some moral agenda or something, but he's really just trying to get votes. I hate politicians.

This new guy Jason is hilarious. He was absolutely disinterested at the date with Jessica, but got very interested once she started running her foot up his pants. Jessica is way too in to him, and that is what ultimately is going to cause him to cheat on her...multiple times. I feel that he and Talan will end up with the same STD by the end of the season. Maybe they'll also be taking paternity tests by the end of the season.
Do you think Talan feels slighted by MTV? He was on the 1st season's opening credits, but he was barely on the show. He didn't even make the cover of the Season 1 DVD set. This season, Jason got the first male billing over him even though he is the veteran. Stephen was last or next-to-last on the opening credits and got much more air time. Even Dieter got more air time on the premiere than Talan. I hope he develops an inferiority complex, and fights Jason and Stephen. He'll fight Jason because Season 2 was supposed to be his, but Jason stole the show. He'll fight Stephen because Stephen will still be obsessed with Kristin and get in his way. Talan needs to step it up. He's like the random 4th girl on Real World that never gets any air time because she is normal and doesn't over-dramatize everything. Let's go Talan...over-dramatize stuff...you're in high school. It's your duty to make things more dramatic than they actually are.

The conversation Alex H. and Kristin had about which guy at school they'd hook up with is funny. Alex H. thinks she's Alicia Silverstone from Clueless. She doesn't want to hook up with any guys from her class because they sag their pants and wear headphones or something.

Where do these kids get money to just rent a limo for bowling? How much is MTV paying these people? The girls' sing-along to Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone" in the limo had to rank up there with LC, Lo, and Christina singing Michelle Branch's "Goodbye to You" in their limo as the most ridiculous moments in limo history.

I think Taylor and Alex are both ugly. Jessica is hot sometimes. Kristin is hot, but annoying. LC still wins that contest. Stephen could be headed for a major breakdown. I need more Trey and Dieter. Stephen could just fall apart without them...unless he gets together with LC.

This LC and Stephen thing has lots of potential. Maybe the next Ross & Rachel thing going, but in real life. Great story line. Did you notice that on their date, they were at the exact same table at the same restaurant that Jason and Jessica ate at? Loved Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" playing on the car ride back to LC's house. Do you think that is LC's theme song for her and Stephen? That hot tub was awesome. I bet they hooked up after the hot tub, but you never know with these MTV story editors. And on another note, I just compared 19 year old reality tv characters to sitcom characters...I'm a huge _____________.

Way too much stuff happened on that hour-long episode. I tried to get it all. Let me know if you want me to cover anything else. Let me know what you think. The Dirty Burrito loves comments. Big thanks to all those who linked my blog in their profiles. I'll be having a special guest writer produce some articles for me on a sporadic basis. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Don't you just hate Christina's voice, and I don't mean her singing voice. No, her everyday "fingernail scratching chalkboard" voice. And she says Morgan is her best friend, but I don't think she even likes her off camera.